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MAFS’ most infamous villains hit the town, and yep, Jack and Tori were there

And, they revealed if they're still together

Some of the biggest villains to ever grace the Married At First Sight franchise caught up for Bryce Ruthven’s birthday over the weekend, and Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams rounded out the crew.

Bryce, who appeared in season eight of the show and went on to marry his bride Liss Rawson IRL, shared some pics from the bash on Instagram.

While it’s nothing out of the ordinary for former MAFS participants to hang out, cast members from the current season generally aren’t allowed to be photographed together, as it can spoil the ending for viewers.

However, Jack and Tori completely ignored this rule, which is very on-brand for them, and flaunted their relationship at Bryce’s party at the Burleigh Pavilion.

The MAFS couple walked up the venue hand in hand and were pictured making out while lining up for the bar.

Who else was there?

Bryce, Jack and Tori round out some of the most ‘villainous’ participants in recent times, however, they weren’t alone.

Daniel Holmes, Dan Hunj and Jason Engler happily posed for a photo with the trio after the event. All three former grooms received a bad wrap after their own season.

Daniel was involved in a cheating scandal with Carolina Santos, Dan was accused of having “multiple girlfriends” while on MAFS, and post-filming, a “homophobic” video emerged of him ridiculing bi-sexual groom Liam Cooper.

Jason Engler, Jack Dunkley, Dan Hunj, Bryce Ruthven and Daniel Holmes (left to right). Instagram.

Liss explains why she wasn’t at Bryce’s birthday

Fans were quick to question why Bryce’s wife, Liss, wasn’t at his 35th birthday party.

However, the former MAFS bride attempted to shut down the rumours before they even began, by posting a birthday tribute to her husband on Friday that explained her absence.

“Happiest of birthdays dearest husband 😘” She began. “Enjoy my gift to you of a boy’s weekend away this weekend, when really, I just wanted the bed to myself for a couple of nights ♥️.”

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