How the Coronavirus is affecting the entertainment industry

The coronavirus has officially reached I Am Legend levels of hysteria. Some schools and universities have shifted to solely online classes. Corporate offices have sent workers home to complete their jobs from the comfort of their own lounge. The worlds […]

The coronavirus has officially reached I Am Legend levels of hysteria. Some schools and universities have shifted to solely online classes. Corporate offices have sent workers home to complete their jobs from the comfort of their own lounge. The worlds biggest sporting codes have even suspended their seasons.

I’m sure everyone has read every single article concerning how we as a society should act as well as the articles informing us which products we should and should not horde. Let Chattr give you a different angle.

How will the coronavirus affect your weekend and holiday plans?

The coronavirus has effectively halted all large scale gatherings by the request of the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

What is considered a large scale gathering you might ask? Any gathering over 500 people according to a media release by the Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy.

Coronavirus closed down the Earth just like in The Avengers
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So how are millennials affected you might ask? After much deliberation I have concluded that the three type of events that millennials care for most which have been cancelled and or suspended due to coronavirus are; music festivals, film releases and sporting events.

Music Festivals

Coronavirus shiutting down all the music festivals in Australia
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On the international stage basically all music festivals have either been cancelled or rescheduled because of the coronavirus.

Ultra Music Festival which would have kicked off in March of 2020 was officially cancelled and will not be back until 2021.

The iconic Tomorrowland, one of the worlds largest international gatherings for EDM music was cancelled in France which would have taken place between March 14 to March 21 of this year.

Coachella has fortunately just been postponed for October 2020 and has not yet been cancelled.

Closer to home, heavy metal festival Download Festival was cancelled after headliners My Chemical Romance dropped out and a replacement headliner could not be found.

At the time of writing, Splendour in the Grass, Listen Out, Groovin The Moo and Strawberry Fields are still going ahead as planned.

Film Releases

Coronavirus stopping movie realises like Mulan 2020
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The film industry works on a strict schedule and when this schedule is altered millions upon millions of dollars go down the drain when a film must be postponed.

The coronavirus has ultimately halted the release of some of the most anticipated films of 2020.

Mulan has unfortunately been placed in post-production hell. The film was set to release on March 27 of 2020. However, due to the current pandemic that is the coronavirus, the film currently has no release date. With reports citing that Disney was hoping the film would generate a large box office in China with the Chinese live-action remake of the 90’s Disney classic.

No Time To Die, the latest James Bond film with Daniel Craig at the helm once again was postponed until November 25 of 2020. With James Bond fans petitioning for the film release to be rescheduled.

Fast and Furious 9 has been postponed to 2021. If you have read our previous article about the Fast and Furious franchise you would see why this is not the worst news. Sorry, Vin Diesel…

Sporting Events

Coronavirus makes huge sporting events very difficult
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Sport has long been a past time that we as millennials can enjoy together. Sporting events give people the chance to sit side by side with fans of the opposing team and enjoy a game or match together. Imagine sitting next to someone with opposing views and enjoying their company. That is what sporting events provide to our society.

The following sporting codes have been absolutely shaken to their core and have been forced to postpone their seasons or continue in empty arenas until coronavirus is under control.

The NBA has effectively suspended their 2019/2020 season with no real notice of when the season will begin and how games will be rescheduled, or whether teams will be compensated with competition points for the possible cancellation of games.

The NRL has concluded that Round two of the 2020 season will go on as planned but will not be open to the public.

The UFC has agreed to continue their events and even allowed UFC Brasilia to continue with no crowd in attendance.

The WWE has continued their sports entertainment extravaganza this past week. Continuing to run their weekly televised events in front of empty arenas.

The entertainment industry has undoubtedly been affected beyond belief by coronavirus. Unfathomable amounts of money will be lost the longer music festivals are cancelled,  films are postponed and sporting codes continue to play in front of empty arenas.

The only obvious solution, of course, is to go and buy all the toilet paper in your local supermarket.

Let us know how you’re dealing with the impact of the coronavirus on the entertainment industry.

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