Movies I Could Watch Again and Again, and Again and Again…

I think the context in which you watch a movie, dramatically influences how you perceive it and whether you enjoy it or not. Who you watch it with, when you watch it and your frame of mind all determine whether […]

I think the context in which you watch a movie, dramatically influences how you perceive it and whether you enjoy it or not. Who you watch it with, when you watch it and your frame of mind all determine whether that film will be on your list of classics or not. For me, the following films are all movies I could watch endlessly. And I hope that they haven’t been spoiled for you because you watched them in the wrong place or at the wrong time.

Warning: Possible Spoilers

Little Miss Sunshine

This movie is just about my favourite movie of all time. It’s a film I first watched with my family. It seemed so funny and crazy the first time. The second time I began to understand the relationships between the characters, not just the unfortunate stuff that was happening to them. Now I watch it and I smile the entire time. I smile at this bunch of complete losers each trying to become winners in their own way. Because that’s all of us.

Blades of Glory

This movie is just ridiculous and becomes funnier and funnier every time I watch it. I’ve bonded with so many people over the complete stupidity of this film and it just makes me happy to watch it. Please don’t watch expecting an accurate representation of professional ice-skating.

The Departed

Twist and turn after twist and turn. This movie has a cast of complete champions and gives an insight into police corruption and gang mentality. And Leo, so win.


Monty Python and The Holy Grail

I love this film because of my Dad. When we were younger, he would watch it on rainy Sunday afternoons and always call us into the lounge room to watch the murderous rabbit scene. For a long time, I had no idea what the rest of the film was about and didn’t really realise it was a comedy. But one day he let us watch the whole film. I didn’t get all the jokes at first, and my brother, sister and I only laughed at the Frenchmen and his ridiculous insults. Now, my family and I reference it whenever possible and still watch it on rainy weekends.



Let’s get down to business. If you haven’t seen this film, what are you doing with your life? Despite the obvious classic Disney flaw of a Chinese woman having an American accent, this movie is beautiful. I love being able to break out in song with my friends while watching and knowing every single line. And it was made even better when my family and I went to China and were able to see the Great Wall and to imagine the Huns invading.

Shutter Island

This film basically made me question my whole existence. Well, not really. But I was so stunned by the ending that I still think about it on a regular basis. This is one of

the best thrillers I have ever seen. The setting is daunting but original, and Leonardo Di Caprio can pretty much do no wrong. So much confusion. So much drama. So much heartbreak.


What a bloody classic. The first time I saw Psycho was in my year 10 English class. We were studying horror and had learnt that this film was tremendously terrifying when it was released. No film to date had been more confronting for viewers. And when our class watched the final scene where Marion enters the cellar, and the chair spins around, I burst into laughter. It just seemed so utterly ridiculous that that could be scary. But studying it gave me a great appreciation for the cinematography, the scripting, the setting, and mise-en-scene (thanks for that one Miss Reece). Alfred Hitchcock is not only a brilliant director, but an artist and pretty much a magician. He creates metaphors and imagery you don’t even notice until your fifth watch.

The Lion King

According to my Mum, I used to watch this film three times a day when I was little. I have not seen another movie more. It sprouted my love of animals and desire to see all the African animals one day (and it probably also inspired my secret love of musicals). The music is funny, beautiful and inspiring and the story is actually really intense and complicated for a kids film. But the jokes you pick up watching it as an adult are priceless. Easily Disney’s best film ever.