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Fans call out Gladiators Australia 2024 over one missing detail

"I cannot stop laughing"

The return of Gladiators has taken viewers on a trip down memory lane, however, there was one element that was noticeably missing in the revival; an enthusiastic, over-the-top live audience.

While many fans celebrated the nostalgic details of Gladiators Australia 2024 on X, a few were quick to point out the lack of people watching on in the audience.

“Those people standing on the side in groups of like 6, looking like they’re at the local footy, is that the WHOLE [Gladiators] audience? Genuine question,” one person posted.

Another user compared the audience size on the original 90’s edition to the lack thereof in the reboot.

“1990s version: 13,000 seat stadium packed to the gills. 2008 version: Olympic handball arena, ~1000 spectators. 2024 version: Abandoned Dancing with the Stars studio with ~25 people standing around boneheading in shots,” they wrote.

A third pointed out that there seemed to be some fake crowd noises on the premiere episode.

“Please tell me I am not crazy and that the new Gladiators lacked any live audience and used a tacky soundtrack instead of a live audience I cannot stop laughing.”

Check out some more opinions from X users about the apparent lack of live audience.

Viewers love the nostalgic details in Gladiators

While the lack of a live audience in Gladiators Australia 2024 was a downer for some, many viewers posted praise about the show.

In particular, they commented on how the show was very reminiscent of its original version which played out on Australian TVs in 1995-1996.

The show has used many of the same challenges, like the Pyramid, and the iconic Eliminator, which features a travelator. Original Gladiator Hammer also features as the referee on the revival.

Gladiators Australia 2024 airs Sundays – Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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