money can buy happiness

Seven ways money can actually buy happiness

We’ve all heard the phrase “money can’t buy happiness”. But what if I told you that’s not always true? What if the way we spend can actually play a part in fuelling our happiest moments and lead to a stress-reduced lifestyle? […]

We’ve all heard the phrase “money can’t buy happiness”. But what if I told you that’s not always true? What if the way we spend can actually play a part in fuelling our happiest moments and lead to a stress-reduced lifestyle?


What? Stunned man


Before we delve into that, I will acknowledge that it’s easy to see where the stigma comes from.


For some, even hearing the word ‘money’ may trigger stress and anxiety. In fact, according to CNBC, many find work and relationships bring them less stress than money does.


Money allows us to own and use assets, property and resources which makes it fundamental for our society to function, so it’s really no surprise that when financial pressures arise, our happiness levels tend to drop.


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On the flip side, have you ever heard of the phrase “more money than sense”? Well, if not handled in the right way, having too much money can raise even more problems than it can solve.


Knowing when to say “that’s enough” can seem like a foreign concept to those who struggle with a ‘more, more, more’ mindset, even if they already live a comfortable lifestyle financially. Where financial wealth can stop bringing happiness is when it meets with its wicked accomplice: greed. Paired with high wealth, the culmination can lead to isolation and loneliness.


Those who have ‘all the money in the world’ and aren’t satisfied probably aren’t using it in a way that can bring them joy.


All by myself


BUT FEAR NOT! Both of these circumstances can change with the right mindset and application, and lead to a happier lifestyle. As many Disney movies have taught us, there are two sides to every story, and the same goes for how money can affect our lives. Here are seven ways money can actually create happiness:




You know what money can buy? Experiences. Relaxation and happiness are associated with holidaying for a reason. Whether it’s a budget-friendly trip up the coast, or an exquisite getaway to Rome, happiness levels tend to rise and stress lessens when we are enjoying ourselves on a trip away.


Mr Bean Holiday
…I can’t imagine why


Paying off bills!


The reality is as we get older we need to be smarter about how we spend. Creating a budget plan that suits our individual needs is a good way to bring us happiness, stability and reduce stress levels. When we aren’t burdened by the money we owe, we are more inclined to feel relieved, and therefore happier!


Investing in exercise


Whether it’s getting the gains at the gym, taking up water polo, or taking fitness classes on the beach, this one’s a great investment for both mental and physical health. (And better still, there’s a whole host of financially friendly deals floating around!)



Massages and spa weekends


I don’t even need to explain the perks of this one.


spa treatment money buys happiness
I could definitely do with one of these RN


Gift giving


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Hey David Dobrik, can you buy me a tesla too? 


It’s safe to say that majority of us couldn’t afford to buy our friends expensive cars. But in all seriousness, it’s no surprise that giving to others, even a little bit, can bring us a sense of joy. Whether it’s to those in need, loved ones, or supporting a cause (there’s thousands of those, take your pick!), this one helps you and others, so really, you can’t go wrong here.


Fuelling our social lives


I’m not suggesting to blow ALL our money at once, but going to nice events, even spending that extra bit here and there on a wholesome brunch at a nice place, paired with some great company, equals – you guessed it – happiness!


You can buy some nice things for yourself, too


There’s a limit to this, of course (we don’t want to become the greedy Grinch), but who doesn’t want to spoil themselves here and there? 


Retail therapy. Money buys happiness
Hello, ever heard of retail therapy?


Sure, it’s temporary happiness. But non-edible items last longer than that $5 Cadbury block you bought when you were craving something sweet. Also, the clothes you wear can influence your performance, so buying those new gym leggings you’ve been wanting can actually help improve your workout, and investing in new clothes for an interview can increase your confidence levels.


It makes sense. When we wear something we feel good in, we can feel more self-assured overall, and therefore more likely to succeed which can fuel our happiness.


So yes, while money issues are one of the driving forces for stress and disagreements, it is not always the enemy of happiness. In fact, it can be quite the opposite when used a certain way. Contrary to the popular saying, money can even bring physical, emotional, and even spiritual wealth. It all depends on HOW you use it.


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