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Unsurprisingly, Sydney Sweeney was inundated with DMs from the Sydney Swans after a meet-and-greet

Shoot your shot, boys!

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney is currently doing the rounds promoting her new (and controversial) flick Anyone But You alongside Glen Powell.

And while all anyone can talk about is whether the pair actually hooked up during filming back in March, the 26-year-old alongside Glen and zaddy Dermot Mulroney attended an AFL match with the Sydney Swans.

Speaking to The Project on December 14, she said: “I had a lot of questions. Physical of all, why are the shorts so short?” she joked: “I had a blast. I got to meet everybody. I want to go back.”

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney. The Project, Ten

Glen, who was also sitting in on the interview, couldn’t help but stir up a little tea, saying: “Well, they had a good time meeting Sydney as well. The whole team slid into her DMs it was … Australia wanted to welcome her to town … very fast.” HAHA!

Sydney Sweeney teaches Jimmy Fallon about schoolies

Sweeney also revealed another hectic component of filming in Australia — schoolies.

Schoolies of course is the annual event where HSC students kick back for a week of debauchery following their exams. And it turns out Sydney was in the thick of it while filming her latest project, Eden on the Gold Coast!

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, he asked whether she had learned any “Aussie slang” while she was spending time here.

Sydney Sweeney and Jimmy Fallon. NBC
Sydney Sweeney and Jimmy Fallon. NBC

“While I’ve been there, they had this thing called the schoolies, and it’s when the high schoolers graduate and they go and have their big huge spring break party,” Sweeney told The Late Night host.

“They shut down all the streets and the schoolies go out, and then the ‘toolies’ go out too, and those are anybody that is older than 21. And they put wristbands on them to know that there are tools trying to pick up younger kids.”

Adding to this, she added another term — which we truly had no idea about — foolies.

“And then anybody that is still in high school that goes out also gets a different colour wristband and they’re called the ‘foolies’. When they aren’t old enough to be messing around, so they’re fools.” LOL!

While it was completely baffling to the Hollywood star, she did admit Australia was “awesome”!

Watch Anyone But You in cinemas across Australia from December 22.

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