Unfudge our future! Ben & Jerry’s call on federal leaders to adopt a recipe for a clean, fair and fossil fuel free future

Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled an awareness-raising limited-edition flavour Unfudge our Future, to urge Australia’s leaders to tackle climate change by making fossil fuels history.

As the Federal Government prepares for a history-making economic reboot in the new Budget, Ben & Jerry’s, alongside 350.org Australia and the Climate Council, have joined forces to call on the government to invest in a more sustainable and future-facing economy for Australia.

Fans are invited to send a direct message to leaders demanding they Unfudge our Future and create a cleaner, resilient and fairer future for all Australians, taking action via an online tool at benandjerry.com.au/climate and in scoop shops across the country.

A personalised pint of the new non-dairy Unfudge our Future flavour has been created for leaders Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg and Angus Taylor, with the ask from the ice cream activists to get us out of this sticky situation: “As you plan the new budget for delivery to the nation on 6 October, make fossil fuels history and invest in a fast and fair transition to 100% renewables.”

The campaign asks leaders to adopt a science-led approach to climate change, which means ditching fossil fuels, stepping up renewables to power Australia, and in doing so, preparing people in rural, regional and coastal communities to ensure a resilient recovery.

Ben & Jerry’s believe the recipe our leaders should urgently adopt is:

  • Clean: Investment in a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy. A faster transition to renewable energy will create a jobs boom and most importantly, renewable energy reduces Australia’s carbon emissions.
  • Resilient: Australians are already experiencing the dangers of climate change on our lives and livelihoods, through more intense and frequent drought, floods and fires. The wellbeing of our people and the health of our planet will benefit from shifting tax cuts and subsidies from fossil fuel industries into policies that create a resilient Australia.
  • Fair: The economic reboot must create a fairer Australia. Listen to and invest in communities most impacted by climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic to support their recovery and build a thriving future.

Lucy Manne, CEO of 350.org Australia, said, “As we look for opportunities to rebuild our economy, there is a pivotal opportunity for our nation’s leaders to invest and support growth industries with a strong future. And that’s not coal and gas. Research is consistently showing clean energy has the potential to create a jobs boom, at the same time as ensuring we reduce Australia’s emissions in line with our global commitment to act on climate change.”

Steph Curley, Ben & Jerry’s Impact & Activism Manager said, “Whilst climate change affects us all, it doesn’t affect us all equally. Many of our communities are at an increased risk of a warming planet – and we have a responsibility to advocate for a new future. These are critical decisions that will impact Australia and our planet for generations to come. We’ve seen it’s possible to redesign the way we live, and with enough people power – we can call on governments to rebuild for a cleaner, resilient and fairer future for everyone.”

Amanda McKenzie, CEO of Climate Council said, “The world cannot continue to mine and burn fossil fuels and stay safe. Climate action can create thousands of clean jobs, protecting our future. We must take the advice of the experts, act collectively, and take this as a chance to rebuild a safe, sustainable and self-reliant country. Ten years ago, you could not have imagined a world without fossil fuels or ice cream without dairy. But, change creates new opportunities.”

The limited-edition flavour features a delicious combination of chocolate and peanut butter Non-Dairy ice cream, fudge brownies and peanut butter cookie dough, with a portion of proceeds from the pint going to 350.org Australia. Unfudge Our Future will be available in Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops, grocery stores, via delivery services and various convenience retail outlets across the country.