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Ben Feldman reveals his wildest BTS Memory from Stan’s Population 11 and it’s absolutely NSFW

"The dude's just laying there naked on the ground."

Ben Feldman has been on some of the most famous sets in the world; however, nothing prepared him for Stan Original Series, Population 11.

Speaking to Chattr ahead of the show’s March 14 premiere, Ben admitted that working in the remote town of Derby, WA, was quite the experience.

“You couldn’t shoot in someplace near a city or in Broome,” he said. “It needed to be just vast emptiness…and mudflats and killer animals…”

Ben Feldman and Katrina Milosevic in Population 11. Stan
Ben Feldman and Katrina Milosevic in Population 11. Stan

Speaking of “killer animals”, Ben likened them to the Australian cast and crew, admitting that his favourite behind-the-scenes memory came from a moment when a character was “just lying butt naked” on the ground.

“In the States, they’d be covered up. There’d be like 30 PAs around them holding blankets over them. Modesty blankets, and we wouldn’t be allowed on set,” he said.

“In Australia, they just like, rip it off and the dude’s just laying there naked on the ground.”

Not wanting to let the opportunity pass them by, the 43-year-old revealed that “the whole cast was just pointing and laughing and making fun of them the entire time.”

“And it was like, this would never happen in the States…This is insane that I’m watching this happen… and the guy just sat there and took it. Just butt naked and took it!”

How would Ben Feldman describe Population 11?

Inspired by true events (the case of Paddy Moriarty detailed in Netflix’s Last Stop Larrimah), Population 11 is about a man who goes missing from a tiny outback town of only 12 residents, and his estranged son (Feldman), who journeys from the U.S. to find him.

Population 11 is a comedy about horror and tragedy, that’s creepy and uncomfortable,” he said. “[It’s also] silly and pretty.

“The Director of Photography that we had shot some really pretty stuff. I think it’s a beautiful show, too. It’s aesthetically pleasing.”

Stream Population 11 on Stan from March 14.

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