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Interview: Survivor’s Viola reveals who flipped on their alliance in an unaired scene

"That is a very switched-on player'

Although Viola Jokudu was an original Titan on Survivor Australia, she’s got high praise for one of the Rebels and shared a secret of hers that wasn’t aired.

In a post-elimination interview with Chattr, Viola revealed that Aileen Chong actually turned on her original Rebel alliance, but the scene didn’t make it to TV.

Aileen is clearly tight with Feras, and is part of an alliance gunning for Kirby. However, Viola revealed that Aileen was originally teamed up with Kirby and Scotty. She said that Aileen actually ditched her alliance with Kirby and struck up a deal with Feras before the teams were switched up on Sunday night’s episode.

Aileen and Valeria. Survivor. Ten.

“For her to be with Kirby and Scotty, and then switch over once she released how interesting Kirby’s game was, and for her choice to go to Feras, again, that is a very switched-on player,” she said. “And I think for them to not show that I think is really poor and really sad. I think Aileen is phenomenal in her own way.”

Viola added that she thinks Aileen is doing a great job of flying under the radar at the moment.

“I think it’s very interesting how some people have just forgotten that Aileen would have been behind what would have been one of the most epic votes ever, and then she just sort of managed to sink back into the background”.

Viola on her relationship with Valeria

The sweet friendship between Viola and Valeria had fans shipping them, and, those viewers will be happy to know that they’re still great mates.

“Valeria is my wife. From early on we both recognised that we just got along so, so well and we’re both so similar and we’re both so savage as well in the funniest ways. My experience on Survivor was so much more funnier because she was there,” Viola said.

Valeria and Viola. Instagram.

“I think to have someone that is so funny that is also such a strategic player I think it’s absolutely amazing to know that my journey has ended but I’m still rooting hard for Val and Mark.”

Viola said that she and Valeria have been spending time together outside o the show.

“Valeria invited myself and Winna to one of her influencer events,” she said. “So I get to the influencer event and I hadn’t seen Valeria in a long time and I was like, “That’s what she looks like with makeup on?!” I’m like, ‘What!'”

“But it was so good to get to know them, both Winna and Val, in this chill sense, to have a few drinks, laugh with them, dance with them.

“Then me and [Valeria] met up again just last week, and we just went out dancing, and we were just living our best life. We forgot anyone else was there and we were just having the time of our lives.”

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