‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer Drops

Things really went to hell in the last Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. Rey, an impoverished mechanic, had her life turned upside down by the arrival of a rogue Storm Trooper named Finn. The Rebel Alliance had won against the Empire, only to be under attack from it’s remnants. The First Order and the legendary Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker had gone missing.

Things got better as Rey and Finn began to found their places in this new galaxy, only for it to be brutally ripped from them with the death of their friend Han Solo (still not over that…) and the revelation that Rey has an incredible synchronicity with the Force.

The trailer for the latest instalment, The Last Jedi, wastes no time diving into the action.


With an ominous opening image of Kylo Ren, the antagonist of the previous film. Kylo, not satisfied with killing his father Han and left scarred by his encounter with Rey and Finn, has embarked on the final road towards the completion of his training. The dark imagery of marching Storm Troopers and First Order war machines is made all the more frightening by the words of Kylo’s Master, Supreme Leader Snoke, who extols on the “raw, untamed power” his student holds and beyond that, “something truly special”.

The trailer cuts back to Rey, who counsels Luke Skywalker on something that she felt has always existed inside of her (go on, bet you can’t guess what it is…) and that she needs “help” understanding it. Well, help she gets and what follows is the earth-shattering revelation (literally) that Rey may be much more powerful than anyone had thought, triggering some horrifying flashbacks for Luke. Shaken by the visions, the Jedi Master says he has seen this level of power only once before and that it seemed to have had terrible consequences, so now he isn’t taking any chances with it.

“I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me then. It does now…” Source.

What follows next is a chain of numerous action sequences, reveals and god knows how many explosions. Each frame showing us that new director, Rian Johnson and his star-studded cast aren’t pulling any punches with this film. If The Last Jedi is done correctly, it could blow JJ Abrams work on The Force Awakens out of the water. Can Johnson pull it off?

Lightsaber duels? Good VS Evil? Starship battles? Nah, we want more Porgs!
No lightsaber duel could compare to the hype surrounding the Porg (right) Source.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released from a galaxy far, far away on December 15th.