Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties release new Ep: “Bittersweet”

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties is a character study conducted through music by Wonder Years‘ frontman, Dan Campbell.

If you haven’t heard about Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties, prepare for a heart wrenching journey through a man’s worst year of his life in their debut album We Didn’t Have Each Other. The upcoming collection of songs titled Bittersweet features 3 songs that engross you in the story that Dan Campbell is crafting around this man, Aaron West.

Dan created the persona of Aaron West through the idea that:

“everything I had ever written lyrically up to this point had been non-fiction. I wanted to push myself to get those same emotions out of a character piece, to make a piece of fiction feel just as raw and personal as songs about my life, and so I created a man named Aaron and I set out to truly understand him. I wanted to know where his parents were from and what God he grew up knowing. I wanted to know what football team breaks his heart every December and if he has it in him to give up smoking. I wanted to know how he got here. I wanted to know how he handled tragedy.”

The band has been doing some amazing things in music today. Not many artists are daring enough to branch off from their styles and genres to create a complete narrative and tell a deep, emotional story. It’s incredible the way that the lyrics make you feel like you’re there with Aaron every step of the way through every hardship he has.

Bittersweet flows smoothly from the previous album, following on with Aaron’s story in the two songs which have been released: 67 Cherry Red and Green Like the G Train, Green Like Sea Foam. It tugs at your heart strings as the songs call back to his troubles when he stayed at the Thunderbird Inn, and looks at how his relationship affected him going forward through life, hoping that things will get better.

It’s not very often that you can imagine yourself walking through the streets with characters from fiction and find yourself developing real friendships with them. It’s truly remarkable and I implore you to support the band and everything that they are doing in creating art. You can still purchase the vinyl here.