8 times Pauline Hanson has been an utter disgrace to Australia

In 1996, Pauline Hanson made her controversial debut speech to the Australian Federal Parliament, in which she claimed “we are in danger of being swamped by Asians” – a line that became her political calling card – although the minority […]

In 1996, Pauline Hanson made her controversial debut speech to the Australian Federal Parliament, in which she claimed “we are in danger of being swamped by Asians” – a line that became her political calling card – although the minority group she targets changes. 


Here is a list of 8 times Senator Hanson has made me feel ashamed and saddened to be called Australian: 


Asian hate speech


It stands to reason that the first instance I mention is the first time Pauline spoke to parliament and attested that Asians were going to take over Australia and swap us with their different cultural values and traditions. This Asian hate speech is what spurred Hanson’s political career into action – and even though she received backlash for her speech, over 20 years later Pauline Hanson is still rampant in parliament and spouting hate speech on all minority groups represented in Australia. 


Her blatant hatred of Muslims and bigoted stance on immigration policy 


Pauline Hanson called for a halt in immigration and suggests that people go back to where they came from unless they agree to assimilate to all Australian values e.g. stop practising the Muslim faith of Islam. Basically, her goal is to generate fear and incite moral panics by claiming Muslims are unemployed, involved in organised crime and have high prison rates – none of which has academic evidence to support it.


Burqa in parliament 


I remember the moment this hit the news, I was gobsmacked that this woman is allowed to represent Australia in the Senate. Absolutely horrifying. Pauline took it upon herself to wear a full burqa to address the Senate, to show (in her words) the ‘security threat’ it poses to parliament. She is strongly against the traditional garb and boasts that it is “un-Australian”. This stunt was to grab attention for her call to ban burqas across the nation. The islamophobia simply rolls off this woman in waves – I can’t believe she’s a real politician and not an elaborate practical joke.


Pauline Hanson burqa parliament senate
Source: AAP


Halal Easter eggs boycott 


Another attack on the Muslim faith from Pauline was her decision to boycott Cadbury’s halal Easter eggs and any other halal certified chocolate because it would be financially supporting the ‘islamification’ of Australia. This stunt was especially problematic as she put many people’s jobs at risk – many Australian jobs, which is what she claims to be aBurll about protecting (which is just an excuse to be a racist dung beetle of a human, in my opinion). 


Accidentally posed with Gough Whitlam’s portrait


This one was more funny than serious! Pauline, right wing champion of the ‘true blue Aussie’, accidentally had a photograph taken posing by the portrait of what she thought was Robert Menzies but was actually left-wing hero Gough Whitlam! Pauline was so horrified she’d been photographed with a portrait of a left-wing champion she insisted on deleting the image and posing with her fave Robert Menzies instead. 


Uluru climb 


Senator Hanson has been very vocal about her belief that the decision to close Uluru for climbing, which will pass in October 2019, is a mistake. As part of her efforts to keep Uluru open to the public, Hanson decided to try and scale the sacred site herself which is highly disrespectful to the Traditional Custodians of the land. However, she got stuck about 40 metres into the climb, and had to scoot back down on her bum. I must admit I was filled with glee reading the media reports about her unsophisticated descent.


Anti-white racism


This was a particularly cringe-worthy moment that happened recently on Twitter. Pauline tweeted to her followers to share their experiences of ani-white racism with the hashtag #WakeUpToRacism. This all ended with her Twitter account being suspended for a little while. Hate to break it to you Pauline, but racism can’t exist without the oppression of an ethnicity, and considering white people are privileged and are the ones who do the oppressing, it’s just not a real thing.


Pauline Hanson senate


Refugees are not welcome here


Pauline’s racist manifesto would not be complete unless she attacked the most vulnerable people in the entire country – refugees and asylum seekers who came to Australia to escape persecution in their home country. “Refugees are not welcome here”, the Senator has proclaimed; she believes that they’re here to steal our jobs and resources and that they shouldn’t be allowed entrance to Australia. This is controversial as it violates the international convention that Australia has signed and ratified which is the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment


Pauline Hanson has been a politician for 23 years filled with vile hate speech, blatant racism and such utter stupidity; I can’t truly believe she is a legitimate member of the Senate. She makes me feel so deeply ashamed and humiliated to be an Australian citizen. 


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