Throwbacks you must watch in ISO according to Reddit

If you are like me, isolation has left me scrolling endlessly through Netflix, trying to find a new movie that will leave me captivated long enough to forget about the year that has been 2020.   After tearing through the […]

If you are like me, isolation has left me scrolling endlessly through Netflix, trying to find a new movie that will leave me captivated long enough to forget about the year that has been 2020.


After tearing through the Netflix catalogue in record time, re-watching my go to movies that I know will never let me down, I yearned for something more.


Where do you look when you’ve run out of ideas? Reddit of course. Here are ten top throwback movies that you must not miss according to Reddit.

The Bond Series


Picture of the James Bond throwback movies and characters


The illustrious Bond series is a worthy contender for your next movie binge. The action-packed spy films have captivated audiences since 1962, with the newest addition to the series No Time to Die set to be released later this year. The films follow the life of the notable James Bond as he sets out on daring missions at the helm of the British Intelligence Service M16. Class up your night by pairing your Bond binge with a classic Vesper Martini, the signature drink of James Bond himself.

The Dark Knight


The Joker series for the throwback movies list


Arguably the best Joker there ever was, Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight transformed the Batman series, giving lovers of the popular superhero franchise a riveting insight into Gotham’s criminal mastermind. The ongoing rivalry between Batman and the Joker is ever-present throughout the film as the superhero teams up with District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Jim Gordon to take down organised crime in Gotham. Test your cocktail making skills by recreating Comicon’s ‘Joker Juice’, an alcoholic ode to the notorious criminal mastermind.

Star Wars


a photo of the star wars series of throwback movies


The Star Wars series is a global phenomenon that has spanned over nine films since its debut in 1977, proving that its popularity remains with the latest instalment grossing over $1 billion at the Box Office. The Star Wars franchise tells the story of the epic rivalry between the Jedi’s and the Sith’s, in an action-packed sci-fi setting that will leave you wanting more. Pair your Star Wars throwback movie marathon with an out-of-this-world ‘Galaxy Cocktail’.

The Shining


Photo of character from the throwback movies the shining


Stephen King’s iconic classic can’t be missed by those who love the thrill of horror movies. The 1980’s psychological thriller is one of the most referenced throwback movies in pop culture with the phrase “Here’s Johnny!” synonymous with the cult classic. Watch as Jack Torrence slowly loses his sanity as his family moves to an isolated hotel. Pair this horror staple with a ‘Red Rum Martini’, the perfect tribute to young Danny.



photo from the throwback movies Cluedo


Based on the popular game Cluedo, the 1985 classic follows the mysterious death of host Mr. Boddy and his guests endeavour to work out who killed him. The riveting whodunnit will leave you wondering who is responsible for the host’s murder with no guest safe from being a suspect. Enjoy this classic crime thriller with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to class up your evening screening.

Forrest Gump

Forest Gump sitting on a bench picture for the throwback movies list


The wholesome tale of a man who longs to reunite with his childhood sweetheart Jenny is a movie that can’t be missed. Forrest Gump lives through some of America’s key historical events, proving that nothing can hold you back in life. His childlike optimism makes it the perfect feel-good movie that has captured the hearts of many around the world. Spice up your Friday movie night by enjoying a ‘Dirty Dr Pepper Cocktail’, Forrest Gump’s favourite drink with an alcoholic twist.

Pulp Fiction


Photo of woman from pulp fiction for throwback movies list


Dive into Quentin Tarantino’s criminal underworld in this cult classic mob movie often dubbed as being one of the coolest films of all time. The film interweaves the happenings of mobsters, an actress, boxer and small-time criminals in a star-studded cast that is loved by many. The 1990’s blockbuster remains a hit amongst movie lovers and has staked its place within pop culture. There is no better time to test out your cocktail making skills by pairing the ‘Pulp Fiction Cocktail’ with this popular crime comedy.

Jurassic Park


Throwback movies jurassic park picture


Ever wondered what would happen if we brought back dinosaurs? Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster hit answers that question as a group of scientists play God to resurrect the once extinct creatures. A tour group of scientists learn that some things are better off left in the past as the ferocious predators break free and roam the island. Pair this sci-fi hit with a dino-mite ‘Raptor Cocktail’.

Back To The Future


throwback movies photo of back to the future


Travel back to the ’80s with Marty McFly in this sci-fi comedy hit. Small town teen Marty inadvertently joins the eccentric Doc Brown in a journey back in time, where the only way to return is by making his high school-aged parents fall in love. Travelling in the iconic DeLorean, Marty embarks on a voyage that could mean life or death for the pair of time travelers. Blast off into the future with The Cosmonaut, the perfect futuristic cocktail to kick off your movie night.

The Godfather


The Godfather photo for the throwback movies list


This 1972 crime blockbuster is often referred to as one of the best films of all time. The Godfather follows the Corleone’s, a notorious Mafia family whose son Michael (Al Pacino) takes over the family empire from his father. Michael learns that delving deeper into the world of powerful Italian-American mobsters may just change his life forever. Emulate your inner mobster by pairing this crime classic with a scotch on the rocks.