50 thoughts I had watching Game of Thrones for the first time

I can’t seem to escape the constant stream of posts about Game of Thrones all over social media – so, I’ve decided to finally jump on the bandwagon and watch the first episode of season 1. Here is a list […]

I can’t seem to escape the constant stream of posts about Game of Thrones all over social media – so, I’ve decided to finally jump on the bandwagon and watch the first episode of season 1. Here is a list of fifty thoughts I had watching the first episode unfold:

  1. Wow these go for a whole hour?
  2. I have that anxious sense that something is going to jump out and scare me
  3. Oh charming, severed heads and limbs
  5. They all have lovely furry coatsgame of thrones my got GIF
  6. How do dead people move? Where did they go?
  7. The music in this show is so suspense building. I’m still really scared
  8. That blue-eyed monster is horrifying
  9. Creepy doll child girl is back and as terrifying as ever

    Thrones white walker
    Image: HBO
  10. Oh, damn that was violent – are severed heads a theme in this show?
  11. I do not condone these gender stereotypes – what year is this based in?
  12. Haha. I relate to the kid who can’t shoot the arrow (Bran)

    Thrones bran
    Image via showcase channel
  13. “Winter is coming”: is that this Ned guy’s motto? Or is he just commenting on the weather?
  14. I can’t believe they’re going to kill the poor sod who escaped those zombie creatures
  15. White walkers? Nope, pretty sure they’re zombies
  16. I may have audibly screamed at the abrupt decapitation of the head – I suppose it is a theme of the show
  17. More death, lots of dead things in this show and I’m only 15 mins inmorbid cowboy bebop GIF
  18. I reckon I should start this again and count how many dead bodies appear in an episode
  19. Fucking boars and hunting whores, that’s a great line!
  20. Old gods? Which belief system are we talking about?
  21. Wow I can’t believe they used to shave with an actual knife, not great if you get the shakes when you’re anxious
  22. I’m predicting the King is going to die purely because he’s puffed after like four steps
  23. Arranged marriage? How old is the poor girl, 13?
  24. That lady of the night must have hurt her back getting down low enough to give head to a dwarf
  25. Also, why is she fully nude besides a black belt? Confusing
  26. Tyrion 100% cannot satisfy all those women
  27. Oh, Daenerys is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes ongame of thrones got spoilers GIF
  28. Ahahaha “awake the dragon”, who the heck does he think he is?
  29. Ew, they’re related, and he stripped her off, what is wrong with this cretin?
  30. She looks so sad, I want to protect heremilia clarke khaleesi GIF
  31. He’s going to give his sister to people who sleep with horses? He needs to reevaluate his decisions
  33. I hope this horrible brother gets beheaded or WORSE
  34. Joffrey is the DUMBEST name everAnimated GIF
  35. Sansa hasn’t even met this prat and she wants to marry him just to be a Queen – what’s a nicer word for stupid?
  36. So far, Jon Snow and Arya are my faves
  37. Am I the only one who thinks its super mean they’re not letting Jon at the celebration
  38. Such a smug face on that Joffrey kid, I really hate him, and he still hasn’t even spoken a word
  39. The Lannisters seem shady
  40. I reckon they murdered Jon Arryn
  41. Do Daenerys and Drogo even speak the same language?
  42. Okay, this show has dragons. Nice. follow back game of thrones GIF
  43. Aww, a pretty horse is much better than a box of snakes for a wedding present
  44. Please tell me Drogo is not going to make Daenerys have sex on rocks. That’s not even a little bit romantic
  45. If a woman is crying, she’s not giving consent
  46. This poor Daenerys girl is being used by all the men and I’m furious about itgame of thrones love GIF
  47. So, this Ned bloke is putting the life of a fat king before his own family? A loyal friend, but worst husband and father ever
  48. Wait! The Queen and her brother are having sex! INCEST IS A LITTLE TOO MESSED UP FOR A FIRST EPISODE!
  49. I can’t believe that disgusting prick just pushed a child off a building!cersei lannister hbo GIF by Game of Thrones50. Naturally it ended with a cliffhanger, so I have to watch the second episode now.