Chattr’s ultimate social media wrap-up for 2017

As we say farewell to 2017, let us sit back and remember all the glorious and terrifyingly bad moments that hit the internet. Here is the list of Chattr’s top ten social media trends of 2017. 10. Beyoncé’s twins pregnancy […]

As we say farewell to 2017, let us sit back and remember all the glorious and terrifyingly bad moments that hit the internet. Here is the list of Chattr’s top ten social media trends of 2017.

Beyoncé let the world know she was pregnant with not only one, but two future babies in February of last year when she debuted a bare bump in a flower-filled Instagram. The internet immediately burst with joy at the news. So it wasn’t a surprise that the glorious visual racked up more than 7.2 million likes in less than 20 hours – the most of any photo posted on the platform.

9. Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi

The release of Pepsi’s commercial starring reality celebrity, Kendall Jenner, was widely frowned upon on social media for commodifying political protests.
Many users also took to the web to point out that the closing image of Jenner stopping a conflict between protesters and police by handing an officer a can of Pepsi seemed to appropriate a now iconic photo of a Black Lives Matter protestor peacefully approaching armed riot police.
Both the company and Jenner apologised, but the damage had been done. Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., took to Twitter to share a photo of her father being confronted by police while peacefully protesting, with the caption: “If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi.”

8. Artists #StandWithKeaton

Keaton Jones, a middle school child from Knoxville, Tennessee, went viral over the weekend of December 8 after a video was posted showing him crying and asking why people bully (him and others). Celebrities from various industries, film, television and sports reached out to Keaton to show him support and invited him to meet them.

Just some of the celebrities who got involved included Justin Bieber, Hailee Steinfeld, Demi Lovato, Mark Ruffalo and Zedd.

All of that, of course, happened before rumours started emerging that there was an ugly side to this story that included Confederate flags, money, possible racial slurs and other unfortunate factors.

Regardless, the initial outpouring from the world’s stars for a young boy crying over bullies was overwhelming, and couldn’t be ignored for this list.

7. Tweets during One Love Manchester 

Following the suicide bomb attack at Ariana Grande’s concert, she returned to Manchester to perform at the One Love Manchester benefit concert. The performance drew a crowd of 50,000 and raised more than $3 million for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

Below are some of the most enigmatic tweets illustrating the strength, love, and resilience from One Love Manchester.

6. Donald Trump’s Battle Against the NFL

The #TakeaKnee movement gained traction this year after President Donald Trump spoke

out against NFL players who knelt during the anthem while speaking at a rally in Alabama. He proceeded to ask the crowd, “wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag to say, ‘get that son of a b-tch off the field right now. Out, He’s fired. He’s fired!'” Trumped doubled down on his comments in a series of tweets lighting up the Internet, where both NFL fans and professional athletes alike sounded off on why they would or wouldn’t be supporting the players who “took a knee”.

Both the NFL and NFLPA released their own statements, supporting peaceful protests, but the most striking responses took place on the field where players made a show of peacefully demonstrating or protesting by either kneeling, linking arms, or raising their fists.

5. #MeToo

After allegations of sexual assault and harassment were brought against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, the hashtag #MeToo went viral once actor Alyssa Milano asked for those who were sexually harassed or assaulted to respond to her tweet with the phrase “me too,” as a way of showing the scope of the problem.
The “Me Too” movement started long before the viral hashtag and the reckoning for Weinstein when activist Tarana Burke coined the phrase to empower young women of colour who were sexually abused.

Trump’s cup of covfefe

It was early hours of 31 May, President Trump tweeted: ‘despite the constant negative covfefe’. It’s anyone’s guess what this tweet meant and whether it was an accident. Among the jokes the tweet inspired was one from Hillary Clinton who replied to a Trump insult with ‘people in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.

3. The jealous girlfriend stock photo

A stock photo of a boyfriend eyeing up a woman on the street became almost impossible to avoid this year, hijacked to symbolise anything from Taylor Swift’s new album to the dangers of global warming. Don’t get it? An under-25 near you can explain.

2.  Jacketgate

When Nine News presenter Amber Sherlock berated colleague Julie Snook for not complying with outfit requests, she didn’t expect the off-air footage to be leaked and be watched millions and millions of times.

“I need Julie to put a jacket on because we’re all in white,” she began. Oh, and it BEGUN.

1. The BBC interview feat. kids who just want some airtime.

This has to be my all time fav of 2017. Before his BBC interview, Professor Robert Kelly was an unknown face. Then, he appeared on BBC, and suddenly, his face was EVERYWHERE, when his two children crashed his interview live on television.