WTF Are We Spending Our Money On

Have you ever enjoyed pay day, then realised by the end of that week most of your money is, well, gone? So has everyone else. There are the usual spending sprees like going out for food and spending our dosh […]

Have you ever enjoyed pay day, then realised by the end of that week most of your money is, well, gone? So has everyone else. There are the usual spending sprees like going out for food and spending our dosh on alcohol, but there’s also a heap of other small things that all add up. Here are the ten things we are wasting our money on that we sometimes don’t even realise will break the bank.

Online Shopping

It’s the most convenient method of shopping, but there’s something about surfing the web for clothes that gets us all excited to purchase more than what we imagined. Maybe it’s because if we spend over $100 we’ll get free shipping? Either way, you’re spending more online than you would instore.


Millennials are notorious for their add-ons to make their coffees come to a total of $5.50. We barely blink at the price because we all love a bit of soy or almond milk.

Public Transport

Especially if you’re a part time student where you aren’t eligible for a concession Opal card, you’re spending around $13 a day to get to your destination and back home. If you’re taking the bus or train twice a day all week, you’ll see how much it adds up. It’s just the reality of our public transport system. 


After a night out on the town and ten drinks later, you’re craving some greasy Maccas. When you’re drunk, handling money doesn’t always go to plan. Same as eating out, spending money on food is just one of those things that chews away your income more than you think at the time. Most bank apps now let you see where all your money is going, so if you’re spending over $200 on eating out, might want to re-evaluate that.

Spotify Premium

Most of us use Spotify for free (or use someone else’s Premium). But if you’re like me, you’ve been tempted by the great advantages of Spotify Premium. There’s a circulation of memes around the ‘types of people’ who pay for Spotify Premium where they jokingly express that they must be super wealthy to go ahead and pay for a membership. But if you’re a student, you can get a sweet discount. 


Coupons are a fantastic way to save money on a night out whether it’s dinner with a friend or staying at a hotel for a few nights. But, couponing irresponsibly is where you’ll start to lose money. You become tempted by all those deals, and you think everything you’re purchasing is actually you saving money. The reality is you’re spending on more than what you planned on and for things you don’t need. If it’s a special occasion and you’re taking your best friend out for high tea for their birthday, stick to the high tea options and close that tab immediately before you purchase a trampolining group session.


We all love a bit of avo with our brekkie. But with the avocado shortage that’s happened, it comes with a pretty big price tag at the grocery store or cafes. The green goodness has a highly loveable image where we believe it’s a must needed addition to our meal, hence we buy it without even thinking twice. No regrets.

Phone Bill

It’s a bill that we all have to pay, especially now when some of us pay a lot more than others for our data. It’s simply the nature of our technological world.  Research different plans to get what’s best suited for your situation and you could save hundreds a year. Be smart, guys!


Birthdays, Christmas, annivesaries, you name it. Buying presents for friends really adds up! Try buying presents in bulk (and when it’s on sale). It might feel like you’re taking away the personal thoughts behind the gift, but you’ll actually save some money if you do that. When you go and buy presents individually for friends, you can be tempted to buy a few other things along the way.

Weight Loss Diets

They’re sneaky and trick you into buying very expensive protein powders, fat blaster pills and whatever the new trends are. Having a goal to lose a bit of weight is always okay and doing it the healthiest way possible is even better! But, even health foods come at a cost versus buying cheap, unhealthy processed foods. Health is a priority over saving some money though, so just try not to be manipulated into buying expensive, unnecessary powders to add to your protein shake.