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“Wrap it up, break it up”: Apparently, producers wanted Cassandra and Tristan to leave MAFS

"They're going to try and find a way to break that thing up"

There’s no doubt that Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black are one of the sweetest Married At First Sight 2024 couples, and that’s exactly why producers, apparently, wanted them to leave the show.

Former MAFS participant Ollie Skelton shared the revelation on his podcast Behind the Edit, saying that MAFS 2024’s Collins Christian told him the dirt.

“If the characters are bad, and the relationship is good, they’re going to try and find a way to break that thing up,” Ollie said.

“I’ve heard things with Cassandra and Tristan, from Collins, that they were told by producers to wrap it up, like break it up or whatever,” he added.

Cassandra and Tristan from MAFS
Cassandra and Tristan on MAFS. Nine.

Do MAFS producers encourage the drama?

Most people watch MAFS for the drama – not for the love stories – so producers like to capitalise on catfights.

In fact, earlier in the season, MAFS 2024’s Lauren Dunn and Jono McCullough told  Daily Mail Australia that the cast was told by producers to amp up the drama.

“Everyone was having an awesome time and then we got a stern talking to that we needed to be real and honest,” he said.

“Soon everyone just starts unleashing, so expect some sparks to fly.”

MAFS Lauren at Dinner Party
Lauren on MAFS. Nine.

A MAFS producer denies encouraging the contestants to create drama

Contrary to what Jono and Laure said, the show’s Executive Producer John Walsh said that producers simply follow the storyline lines that the couples create themselves.

“A lot of that [the stories] comes down to the cast and the casting of the show, the matches,” Alex said. “When you’re casting 20 different people to what you cast in the last series, you’re always going to get completely different storylines, completely different reactions, dinner parties, weddings and relationships,” he said.

“We never truly know what will happen between each of these couples, and without a doubt, you’re always going to have something different.”

Sara on MAFS. Nine.

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