‘Outlander’ Recap: Of Lost Things

It’s no surprise that there would be an Outlander episode titled, Of Lost Things. Both Jamie and Claire have lost so much. Maybe Jamie more so. He lost Claire, two children and his entire family. Things are looking up for the Scot however. But […]

It’s no surprise that there would be an Outlander episode titled, Of Lost Things. Both Jamie and Claire have lost so much. Maybe Jamie more so. He lost Claire, two children and his entire family.

Things are looking up for the Scot however. But first, the episode opens with Claire, Brianna and Roger finding out that Jamie was alive and in prison up until 1756. We saw in the last episode that the prison closed and Major Lord John Gray took Jamie to work as a groomsman. Now, they just need to establish his life after that.

We get to see that in this episode. It’s no secret that Jamie loves to be around horses, and he has been given a job where he gets to do just that. However, he’s unsure if the man of the house will allow him to stay. His son died fighting against the Jacobite rebellion, something Jamie was heavily involved in. When Jamie explains he’s lost two children, the man instantly allows him to stay.

Of Lost things recap
I’m not crying, you are. Source.

Major John keeps his word, checking in on Jamie, and whilst you have to remember Jamie is a prisoner, you have to think their bond goes deeper. That they are actually friends. The family Jamie works for is friends with John and his family. So, it shouldn’t have been a shock when John’s older brother Milton rocks up with the two daughters of Jamie’s boss, Isabelle and Geneva.


So, Geneva senses this and gets Milton drunk. He reveals that ‘Alexander MacKenzie’ is really Red Jamie. She uses this to get her way. You see, Geneva is about to get married to a guy old enough to be her grandfather. She’s young, pretty and doesn’t want to lose her ‘maidenhead’ to this guy. So, she blackmails Jamie. Either he has sex with her, or she makes sure hell rains down on Lallybroch. We all know Jamie would rather die than see harm come to those he loves, so he agrees.

Of Lost Things recap
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Now, POPSUGAR reports that the show’s producers changed the sex scene to ensure Jamie was seen as the hero and Geneva as the villain. In the book, Geneva distinctly tells Jamie ‘no’, yet he keeps going. That’s rape. Yet the book’s author defends his actions. Thus, the change to the television show.

So, Geneva has sex with Jamie, falls in love with him, gets married to another man, has an illegitimate child and then dies. When Isabelle fills Jamie in on everything, he’s terrified. Will she tell anyone else?

Of Lost Things recap
What is 18th Century England without some bastard children? Source.

However, before he even gets a chance, Geneva’s hubby loses it. He knows the child is not his because they’ve never slept together. Furious that he didn’t get a virgin bride, he threatens the baby’s life.

Jamie saves him, Isabelle forgives him and her mother offers Jamie a chance to go back to Scotland. He’s missed out on being a father twice now, however. He must stay, for his son, Willie. Jamie is the ever caring father from a distance. He teaches Willie how to ride horse, and Willie affectionately calls him Mac.

As Willie grows older, the resemblance between the two grow hard to ignore. One lady remarks that they hang out together so much that they’re beginning to look like each other. Jamie realises he must leave. With the news John is marrying Isabelle (and let’s take a moment to mourn the fact that John couldn’t marry a man that he loved because of the time), Jamie knows he is leaving his son in the safest hands. They are both so kind, and admire each other so much. It will be a happy family.

Although before Jamie knows this, he offers his body to John. This cracks John up. Like, duh, Jamie, even though he finds you hot doesn’t mean he doesn’t value your friendship more.

So, Jamie rides for Scotland. Willie cries his little heart out. My heart shatters into a million pieces and I am ugly crying. Of Lost Things is a standard episode for this show.

Of Lost Things
We’ll never forget you Willie! Source

In modern times (or as close to it as this series will get), Claire, Roger and Brianna are having a hard time figuring out Jamie’s steps since his release from prison. Their ship manifest leads is a bust. However, you get to see the relationship between these characters bloom. You get the sense that during Brianna’s childhood, Claire was distant. Brianna reminded her too much of Jamie. But their walls are coming down. They are united.

Of Lost Things
Whisky and freedom. Source.

Roger and Brianna shared flirtation in the second season, but it comes to a head in this episode. Brianna pries into his life, trying to figure out if he has a secret girlfriend she doesn’t know about yet. When she feels bad for wanting her mum to stay, Roger tells her he is worried about her going back to Boston. They kiss. It is epic.

However, it seems nothing can keep these three together, with Claire and Brianna returning to Boston at the end of Of Lost Things. Ugh.

What heartbreak will be in store for us next week?