deadly waters

Everything you need to know about Hayu’s new series, Deadly Waters with Captain Lee

"These true crime stories are unlike any that take place on land."

Reality TV and true crime collide in Deadly Waters with Captain Lee, an all-new series hosted by everyone’s fave Below Deck head honcho.

Captain Lee Rosbach is used to mayhem aboard his Below Deck charters. However, his new series follows the seasoned seaman as he explores a different kind of mayhem in the deep blue.

Official synopsis

Captain Lee Rosbach is steering his ship toward a completely different group of people – criminals, who have committed some of the most chilling murders to have ever taken place on the water.

From dream vacations gone wrong, to alleged pirates of the Caribbean and everything in between, these true crime stories are unlike any that take place on land.

Captain Lee Rosbach. Bravo.

Using his nautical expertise, Capt. Lee will unravel the secrets of remarkable homicide investigations on rivers, lakes and even the open seas, and will expose the murky, maritime clues that sunk the perps and ultimately led to their capture.

When will Deadly Waters with Captain Lee be released and how can you watch it?

Deadly Waters with Captain Lee is available to stream only on Hayu from June 2, the same day as the USA.

Who is in the cast?

With Captain Lee at its helm, the true crime series also features interviews with victims’ families, boating experts and law enforcement.

In them, they’ll uncover new evidence and disturbing revelations, taking viewers on a dangerous and unforgettable voyage.

Is there a trailer?

Yep, and you can watch it right here!

Stream Deadly Waters with Captain Lee on Hayu now.

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