Rush cast

Meet the contestants racing around the world in the global adventure reality TV show Rush

Who will win the epic prize?

Reality TV rejoice, because there’s another brand spanking new show coming our way called Rush, and the cast looks very interesting.

Rush is an adventure reality show that could be described as The Amazing Race on steroids. It sees twelve Aussies who are broken up into three teams travel around the globe and compete challenges to win the competition.

However, they will have no clue where they’re going on each leg of the race and they won’t have their senses to help them. Each team will be fitted with noise-cancelling headphones and blackout goggles before their arrive at their new drop point and will be deprived of sight and sound.

Meet the 12 contestants battling it out for the winning title and cash prize of $100,000, as well as two first-class, around-the-world airline tickets.

Team Navy


Age: 21
Job: Cattle Farmer
Location: Bundaberg, QLD

One of the Rush cast members


Age: 46
Job: Greatness Coach
Location: Melbourne, VIC

One of the Rush cast members


Age: 26
Job: Content Creator
Location: Nomad, QLD

One of the Rush cast members


Age: 33
Job: Welder
Location: Londonderry, NSW

One of the Rush cast members

Team Scarlet


Age: 22
Job: Transport Driver
Location: Penrith, NSW

One of the Rush cast members


Age: 29
Job: Business Development Manager
Location: Aldgate, SA

One of the Rush cast members


Age: 26
Job: Psychiatric Nurse
Location: Melbourne, VIC

One of the Rush cast members


Age: 57
Job: Bookkeeper
Location: Perth, WA

Team Gold


Age: 28
Job: Strategy Manager
Location: Melbourne, VIC


Age: 38
Job: CEO
Location: Brisbane, QLD


Age: 25
Job: Childcare Business Owner
Location: Mount Isa, QLD


Age: 32
Job: Advertising Director
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Rush premieres on July 2 at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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