We Can’t Stop Thinking About These ‘You’ Season Three Theories

You season two has come to a close but a new can of mystery has now been opened. Here are our favourite fan theories about the psychotic love story between Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) in […]

You season two has come to a close but a new can of mystery has now been opened. Here are our favourite fan theories about the psychotic love story between Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) in You season three.

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 Love killed her ex and made up the entire story.

Some fans even say Love poisoned him:


Love’s child is, well, someone else’s love child.

We shouldn’t overlook Love’s ex-boyfriend Milo—fans are saying he could be the father! No stranger to deception herself, it wouldn’t surprise us if Love was lying about the baby being Joe’s. After all, she only decides to blurt it out while literally at the brink of death at Joe’s hands.


Love sought out medical means.

Maybe Love’s pregnancy was a lie at the time, and not long after, she got artificial insemination to bring the falsehood to life. Either this, or she could’ve done this beforehand…

I mean, she does have the money (and the mind) for it.

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If any of these theories are true, Joe will be vengeful and resentful.

We’ve seen how Joe responds when he’s lied to. For all we know, if Milo is the real father, Joe could kill him out of insatiable, psychotic jealousy after convincing himself Milo is a toxic figure in the child’s life.

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Joe will run off with the baby and start anew.

After forming an emotional attachment, Joe may flee and raise the child as his own. We see with Paco and Ellie that Joe has a tendency to aid children in need (probably because of his own childhood trauma and abandonment issues). He may see this child as one that needs help—needs saving—just like he did.

But would he run after laying eyes on the neighbour?

The final minutes of season two paints Joe as a victim trapped in a neighbourhood designed for his punishment and suffering. While holding Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, he feels this is where he belongs.

Not exactly what you want to hear from a future father, Joe. via Netflix

But, when he looked through the crack in the fence, he felt this was his plan after all. Which brings us to our next theory:

The woman next door.

Some fans in the Twitterverse were thinking it’s Joe’s mum, which made sense until an interview with Bustle where Penn rejected such claims:

“She’s definitely not his mom, I can say that.”

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So if it’s not Joe’s mum, then who is it?


Maybe Beck didn’t actually die?

While Beck’s murder seems legit, we never actually saw it unfold. We only saw parts of the aftermath narrated (unreliably) by Joe. Perhaps it’s another Candice-is-dead-oh-wait-no-she’s-not situation. After all, Joe said himself that “the story was perfect, so everyone believed it.” Is he also talking about her actual death, too?

After all, Beck and Joe met in a book store, and Beck did love her books. via Netflix


Or is it one of his victims’ relatives?

Joe has a lot of potential enemies. He’s killed a fair amount of people in seasons one and two alone (we’re talking about eight murders that we know of), and he was only nine years old when he killed his biological father.

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Also, before his death, Forty figured it all out! What if he planted evidence somewhere in his apartment?

However, it seems this woman already lived here before Joe moved in. So if we assume this, then either:


Joe did this strategically.

Maybe he knows this woman already? Or…

It’s just another random victim.

Maybe it’s just the next Candice/Beck/Love in Joe’s web of obsessions. If so, this one will be a little juicier, because (unless she’s a widow like Love, or is divorced but hasn’t taken her ring off), it seems she’s already married!

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If we’re lucky enough to get a season four, here are a few predictions:

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Joe will turn himself in.

Joe’s conscience (if we can say he has one) may get the best of him, and he’ll finally accept responsibility.

The cup of pee will be found.

Yep, it seems it’s still at Peach’s house (but if it’s found, this DNA evidence may be difficult to verify).

Dr Nicky, Will, or Paco will come forward.

Each of these characters know Joe is capable of murder. We aren’t told much about them really, so they could surprise us by coming forward. After all, the truth often finds its way to the surface in ways we’d least expect. Only time will tell…

What are your thoughts on You season two? Do you have any predictions for season three? Let us know in the comments below!