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Zombies, Heroism & Thieving Kangaroos: The wildest Deliveroo stories revealed

July 1st marks International Joke Day. Rather than April Fool’s Day, which invites us to prank our nearest and dearest, International Joke Day is a time for the globe to celebrate the ability of humour to combat stress, build relationships, and appreciate those who make us smile.

To celebrate, Deliveroo’s Australian riders have put together some of their weirdest and funniest moments on the job. Whilst most deliveries happen without a hitch, some Deliveroo tales are so wacky they’re almost impossible to believe. With millions of customers across Australia, it’s no surprise that bizarre interactions occur here and there. From heated arguments over pizza toppings (team pineapple FTW) to terrifying zombie costumes, here are some of the best stories Deliveroo riders have shared:

  • “I once had a customer plead for help in the notes section of her order. She had DM’d our Twitter to explain that she was trapped on her balcony while a spider terrorised her home. I was happy to help but unfortuantely I was also terrified of spiders – but I didn’t let on. I delivered the food and carefully relocated the spider back outside whilst she tucked into her dinner. All in a day’s work!” – Joe, Sydney

  • “I was once delivering a meal to a property a little off the beaten track. I travelled along a cracked black asphalt street, that ended with a dirt road that led into a type of woodland area. I pulled up to a house and what do I see? Just a small kangaroo; so cute. He was minding his own business so I left him, approached the door, pulled out the customer’s order from Burger Got Soul and set it on a wall beside the door. I knocked for the customer who answered almost straight away. I move to pick up the food but before I could get to it, the little guy bounces up grabs the bag of food, and makes a run for it, disappearing into the bush! The customer and I were gobsmacked and just collapsed into a fit of giggles. I explained what happened to our customer care team and Deliveroo footed the bill for a new order. Only in Hobart, right?”  Martha, Hobart

  • “About 2 years ago, a customer scared the living daylights out of me. He casually opened the door sporting a hyper-realistic zombie costume. My heart jumped out of my chest, and in my horror, I let out the most high pitched squeal I’ve ever done. The guy, seeing my absolute dismay, started apologising and explained that he was going to a costume party. I don’t think I’ve ever felt fear like that in my life.”  Lokesh, Adelaide

  • “I was on a delivery in Wollongong when I got to this house. I start walking to the door but was called out to by a strange voice. ‘Pssst, over here’ – I looked over and there was a man hiding around the corner of the porch. He asked me to not go to the front door. Apparently, he didn’t want his wife to know that he was breaking their diet. He orders regularly and this happens each time.” – Stefano, Wollongong

  • “This guy answers the door in just a towel having clearly just jumped out the shower. He had a very large order; six pizzas, two cheesy garlic breads and a few cans. It took both hands to carry it all. I could only see his eyes peering above the stack of food after I handed it over. As he was saying “thanks mate” and shuffling to close the door, his towel became untucked from his waist and dropped to the floor – it felt as though it all happened in slow-motion. I immediately turned around and covered my eyes. We both began profusely apologising to each other, I offered to help shut the door but he declined. I started to leave trying to contain myself but as soon as the door shut we both burst out laughing.” – Riley, Melbourne

  • “I once showed up to a house at the same time as another Deliveroo rider. We exchanged a sociable nod, and then both approached the same door. Strangely, we each pulled a pizza out of our bags… apparently the guy wanted Pizza Hut and the girl wanted Domino’s, which is all well and fine if you’re on Deliveroo Plus. But it seems the ‘what’s for dinner’ chat was not a calm and collected one – as me and this other Deliveroo rider found ourselves in the midst of a heated and evidently tense discussion about pizza toppings. All I can really recall is that the woman was screaming ‘Pineapple DOES belong on pizza, Jeremy!’. That one’s going to stay in my mind forever.” – Kevin, Gold Coast

Do you have a cringe-worthy delivery story? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature image source: NBC/Yahoo’s Community