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Zach Braff Talks of a Potential ‘Scrubs’ Revival

It seems to be the year of revivals, and now Zach Braff is pondering aloud whether it is time to do a Scrubs revival.

Hell yeah! Source

In a Twitter Q&A, Braff said, “You never know about making more Scrubs episodes. It is something we all talk about – especially now people going back and doing all these Netflix versions of their shows.”

The show ran from 2001 until its finale in 2010. It featured an all star cast, with Braff as the protagonist, Donald Faison as his best friend Turk, and Sarah Chalke as his on-again-off-again love interest, Elliot.

The show received a lot of praise during it’s run, with Slate running an article that is was probably the most accurate television show about doctors. In the article, Jonathan Samuels, an attending rheumatologist at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, explains that J.D.’s constant monologue is a good interpretation of how hospitals are in between crises.

“He says exactly what a resident feels, day in or day out. ‘Am I hurting the patient? Am I learning what I should? Am I kissing up too much to the attending?’ I always thought Scrubs was right on,” Samuels explains.


Although Zach Braff was only shooting the breeze, it could potentially set something in motion.

Who knows, in this day and age, it seems like almost anything will get a revival.