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You Can’t Miss “You Can’t Ask That”

Every once in a while a brand new series comes along that everyone is talking about. If you haven’t seen it, you’re out of the loop. Way out. Well I’ve found a series I can’t stop talking about, and I think everyone should have a squiz at it. Now this series is only short. Ten episodes in total. But every episode teaches the viewer something new, with plenty of twists and turns.

I’m talking about You Can’t Ask That, a mini-series by the ABC which focuses each episode on a different marginalised minority within Australia as they answer questions that most people would have burning in their mind whenever they see these people on the street.

There are a range of minorities covered, including Muslims, people in wheelchairs, people in polyamorous relationships and transgender people.


The questions answered have been submitted anonymously online and would be confronting for people to answer in everyday situations. But these people know what they’re in for, and they’re willing to be open, honest and truthful about their answers. And that’s what makes this program so meaningful. You’re hearing the truth straight from the mouths of these marginalised Australians. Because (let’s be honest) we’re all sick of the media and politicians telling us how other people feel.

The characters that you meet, the stories that they share and the journey you go on with them, even in such a short amount of time, is truly special.


As you listen to these people speak about their lives and the experiences they’ve gone through as part of a minority, you begin to realise how many barriers so many people face on an everyday basis. As the people in You Can’t Ask That express what they go through everyday, you start to understand the how damaging the prejudices attached to them can be. This mini-series is an insightful and entertaining step in the long-road of breaking down these stereotypes and prejudices. The more people watch this show and listen to these stories, the better. There is something for everyone to learn about others and about themselves.

The episodes air every Wednesday night. But if you can’t wait until them, catch them all now on ABC iview.

And have the tissues handy. You’re going to need them.