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Year in Review – Pornhub Edition

We are now a fortnight into 2018, but that hasn’t stopped people from publishing their ‘Year In Reviews’, covering everything from politics, the best online videos, scandals, films and politics again – because 2017 was a real stunner in that department.

However, we’re here to present you with the most NSFW Year in Review yet – The Pornhub 2017 Data Collection!

If you haven’t guessed already – Viewer discretion is advised as this article will discuss sexual content and material at length. 


Going to guess you skipped right past the warning when you read ‘Pornhub’, right? Well let’s start off with the big thing on everyone’s minds: the visits data.

According to the 2017 statistics on the site, Pornhub received a staggering 28.5 BILLION visits last year- almost four times Earth’s current population – which equates to roughly 81 million daily visits. Furthermore, the site registered over fifty thousand searches per minute, adding up to more than eight hundred searches a second. Fun fact: that’s also the amount of burgers that McDonald’s serves every second!

Think that’s crazy? Well, we haven’t even gotten to the data uploads and transfers yet. More data on Pornhub’s servers yields that more than 4.05 million videos had been uploaded last year alone, with each video adding up to a cumulative run time of 595, 482 hours in length. That means that in one year alone, people uploaded over sixty eight YEARS worth of pornography! Want some perspective? Well, if you started watching that content in 1949, you would still be watching it today. At least you wouldn’t skip arm-day, right guys?

2017 was a pretty big year. Source: Pornhub.

Prepare yourselves. Read on.

Seemingly ditching the Top Ten list, Pornhub opted for a much more succinct Top Seven tier for last year’s data. At the bottom of the tier, we have Cheerleader and Hentai (anime pornography) related content at #7 and #6 most searched respectively. Things get weirder with ASMR and 1080p videos reaching the #5 and #4 most popular searches. And finally the top three places, with #3 going to Fidget Spinners (yes, there’s such thing as fidget spinner porn) Rick and Morty related porn in #2, and the #1 Most Searched going to ‘Porn For Women’.

And who says women aren’t hornier than men?

Fidget Spinners ranked #3 Most Searched worldwide, but ranked #1 Mot Searched in Australia. Of course...
Fidget Spinners ranked #3 Most Searched worldwide, but ranked #1 in Australia. Of course…

But where would an Australian article about Pornhub be if we didn’t bring up Australia’s impact on the site? Well, turns out that Oz is Pornhub’s 8th highest source of traffic despite only being the 53rd largest country by population. Some of the site’s most risque searches, threesome and outdoor themed videos, are viewed 21-24% more than other countries. But not all the stats are great; according to visitor data, the average Aussie Pornhub visitor only sticks around for a little under ten minutes, a little less than the worldwide total.

How do your fetishes fare against the rest of Australia? Here’s a picture below:

According to this data, Australia is in the top tier for horniest countries per capita!
According to this data, Australia is in the top tier for horniest countries per capita!

What sort of masturbatory madness awaits the internet in 2018? Well, only time (and Pornhub data) will tell.