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Winning the Lotto is Easier Than Buying Kanye’s Yeezy Boost 750.

Adidas has been taking over the fashion world this year with its collaboration with eccentric artist, Kanye West’s, collection of sneakers and apparel. While the clothes are a statement of their own, nothing is comparing to the buzz around the Yeezy sneaker collections that have been slowly coming out to a wave of hype and hysteria. The Yeezy Boost 350 and 750 have been the two models that have caught the public’s eye. Pairs are going for over 2 grand on social media sites and Ebay, making them some of the most expensive shoes that you could purchase right now, or hope to purchase.

Yeezy Boost 750 ‘Light Grey’. Source.

It’s been a hot minute since the last Yeezy release, but we finally have a pair coming out that might rival past pairs as some of the nicest work that Kanye has come up with. The Yeezy Boost 750Light Grey’ was released on the 11th of June worldwide for a hefty price of $350 USD. The shoes feature a soft grey suede upper with smooth caramel gum sole that looks good enough to eat. And what’s better than a gum sole? A glow in the dark gum sole! IF you weren’t breaking necks before, you sure will be now as you’ll be the cause of a lot of hunched over sneaker heads.

Glowing soles. Source.

This shoe (along with any shoe that Kanye could ever release) has gained so much hype that traditional methods of obtaining this shoe have gone out the window, and shoppers have resorted to entering raffles for the chance to own the shoe, both online and in store. It almost feels like there is more of a chance of winning the Powerball than these bloody shoes.

Along with this pair, there is confirmation that we’re set to see some more releases such as the crepe soled boot and a military styled boot. Are you excited to see what else the brand has in store for us or have you lost hope in ever getting a pair without having to sell a kidney?