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I Will Show You De Best Memes of January 2018

Most of us start off the new year with fresh new year’s resolutions that’ll keep us motivated for about a week leading us to a perpetual failure that we will never recover from. At least we have memes to brighten up our days!

January 2018 has supplied us with some stellar memes which will most likely be some of the best of the year. With allusions to Knuckles the Echidna showing us the way and many teenagers eating tide pods, we have a lot to get through.

1.  Will Show U De Wae

Originating in a new VR video game called VR Chat, this meme centers around players using Knuckles the Echidna as their avatar/sprite and speaking in a Ugandan accent.

The activity went viral immediately when a video of a large group of Knuckles searched for their Ugandan queen in a video as she would eventually “show them the way”.

What has the world come to… Source.

Let’s just say they found her. Knuckles has never had so much fame over his blue haired friend. Don’t ask about the clicking, it’s beyond me. People are weird. They will spit on you.

2. Hair Straightener Fiasco

Ann Widdecombe (former British Politician) was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother and needless to say, she was quite close to losing her shit by the end of it.

Twitter went into meltdown after her attempt at hair straightening left us all gagging. It sparked gif after gif of her unfortunate struggle to make that white mop straight. Nobody can say she didn’t try to look respectable.

3. Tide Pods

Hmmm, I’m starting to feel a bit peckish. I know! I’ll just snack on a tide pod for lunch today!

Good on ya Gordon! Source.

No, but really… what? Who would eat one of these? People across the internet became infatuated with tide pods as they looked visually appealing like a ‘candy’ or sweet treat. However, they are extremely poisonous, so all they were really tasting was death.

The trend was started by a Youtuber who called eating these cleaning products the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’. The trend became mainstream, prompting a pizzeria in Brooklyn to create a tide pod pizza. Oh yes, delicious.

I guess if it looks good, eat it.

New Years Resolution, eat tide pod clean. Source.

4. Left Exit 12

This meme shouldn’t need too much explaining.

Mucho relatable aye. Source.

The meme is a Photoshop composite based on a YouTube video entitled ‘How to exit freeway like a boss’, resulting in hilarious consequences.

Memeception. Source.

5. Caught in the Act (Courtney Act dress disaster)

If anyone was watching Celebrity Big Brother (or has a Twitter account) you would have seen Shane Jenek (Courtney Act’s) wardrobe malfunction as she entered the house.

It was a sight to see a man’s pelvic region being duct taped so tightly; this is literally a drag queen’s worst nightmare. However, as her name is implied to read, she was caught in the act and we were quite satisfied with what we caught.

6. Smug Cheerleader Meme

Giving you sass, confidence and attitude, this cheerleader ain’t messing around. She is ready to clock what you’re wearing and giving you the harshest critiques known to man, all the while staying just as fabulous and intimidating.

I wouldn’t get in this girl’s way and neither would the internet. Everyone was jumping right on the bandwagon and sending Twitter into a frenzy.

7. Logan Paul Face

Logan Paul is known for his outlandish acts, but  vlogging his experience in the suicide forest in Japan resulted in losing ties with YouTube and public humiliation. Since then, we got to see the internet take to their keyboards and Microsoft Paint to give us some payback.


January 2018 has therefore proved that the internet proceeds to get more and more fucked up every month. Here’s to another month of memes!