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Why Your Twenties are the MOST Important Years of Your Life!

I for one, am extremely guilty of complaining about the act of Adulting.

Adulting (v) – having grown-up responsibilities including a job, bills, and little to no money. E.g. Jessica is doing a horrible job of adulting, I think she’s about to have a mental breakdown.

So if similarly, you feel stressed 24/7, your shit is a little all over the place, and some days your greatest achievement is getting out of bed before 3pm, you may also be experiencing a bad adulting week (or month, or year.) But fear not, because I’m going to explain to you why that $10 in your bank account and the assignment you’ve been chucking all nighters for, are both mediocre problems – because these are the best years of your life!

  1. You learn who your real friends are/meet some better ones

Now that high school is finished and you’ve moved onto bigger and better things (hopefully) you’re now surrounded by like-minded people in your workplace or university course, who are likely to be better company than the bludgers in your year. It’s also much harder to see your friends, so those who make the effort (think brunches and coffee dates) are the real keepers.

  1. You get a window into the future of adult life

That 9-5 job, interning position, rent bills and car payments are all little introductions to the big, scary adult world where you have to sell your kidney on the black market to pay for groceries every week. Your twenties allow you to transition into adult life, without being thrown into the fire all at once.

  1. You still have you time

In the nicest way possible, your twenties are your selfish years. They’re for you to chase your dreams, work a million overnight hours at your lame job to save up for that holiday, see your friends and party until 3am. You are allowed to give yourself this decade to be youthful and enjoy life.

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  1. You start to go on ‘real’ dates

The ones not organised over MSN, or where your Mum drops you at the nearest Hoyts to meet your boyfriend and his Mum. Think expensive dinners, events, parties and bars – because hopefully your boyfriend is a little more financially independent than he was when he was eleven.

  1. You have a better relationship with your parents and family

Although you may still want to strangle your siblings, family time becomes much more important. You realise why your Mum wanted you home at 9pm and didn’t let you eat the entire ice-cream tub in one night.


So yes, it’s true, your 20’s are manic, confusing and messy. You may never get a full 8 hours sleep at night, or have enough money to buy everything you want; but before you give yourself a stomach ulcer from worrying about the chaos of life, remind yourself that these are your years of youth. You’re allowed to fail, laugh it off, and try adulting better tomorrow – because in summary you’re only in your twenties.