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Why Everyone Should Spend A Weekend In The Country

Being a young adult in the city can seem like an exciting and privileged life than to someone who lives in a rural area.

There are more career opportunities and a wider range of choices in lifestyle. However, being used to the urban ways of living, it’s crucial to have a break from the high-tech and high stress disadvantages of living in the city. A weekend getaway in the country with the fam or a group of friends, whether that’s camping or renting out a farmhouse, would do anyone good. There are a heap of benefits and health improvements that come along with any kind of getaway, but especially one that takes you out of range.

In the countryside, you can’t help but be more active and mindful. Being cut off, or at least in minimal range of WiFi, leads to a more primitive lifestyle where you can be free to get in touch with nature and become imaginative in your surroundings. Getting away from the hustle and bustle can inspire getting creative with activities like writing and drawing, activities that you may never get to do when you’re living your everyday life in the city.

Pack your bags and plan that getaway! (Source)

According to research, living in the countryside leads to a happier life. There is a bigger sense of community in country towns where smaller populations means getting to know your neighbours a lot better and more community events to attend where you can catch up with the whole town. Louisa*, a tafe student from Sydney, told Chattr that even being an outsider visiting a community event in the country is great because everyone is so welcoming and wanting to get to know you, rather than staying in their circles like you might see at urban events.

“It’s a slower pace of life, and honestly I couldn’t imagine myself living there, however it’s always amazing for a weekend getaway to just sit back and relax with the family, and forget about Snapchat and Instagram when I’m out of range.”

Another huge benefit of spending time away from home is reducing stress levels. Living in the city, there’s a lot going around and usually a lot that is expected of you. R&R Property stated in an article that “Country areas are re-knowned for travelling at a slower pace and therefore are less stressful in general. It has been researched and documented that getting back to nature calms the mind and the body.”

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Aside from the mental benefits, spending time in the countryside can also have huge advantages on your health. According to CountryLiving, “the fresh air and local, organic produce can go a long way in keeping your body on top form. This, in turn, does wonders for your wellbeing.” There’s no surprise that there are more fruit and veg stalls in the country, and more people having the opportunity growing their own produce in their backyards, to those who live in the city.

Samantha*, a mother of two in Sydney, tells Chattr that she and her husband visit their place in the country on weekends. They enjoy tending to their veggie garden where they exchange fruits and vegetables with neighbours regularly, and are also usually invited inside for a homemade meal. “It’s a warm, neighbourly thing you do when you’re up in the country. Here in Sydney, we all get home late from work and there isn’t always time to make a healthy, homemade meal.”

Young students, especially, can relate to Samantha with having busy schedules with uni, work and keeping up a social life, where spending time on cooking, working on a veggie garden or visiting local markets just isn’t a priority.

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For your next family or friendship group getaway, consider the countryside for a change of pace. Or even take some of the ‘country ways of living’ into your own life. Be more neighbourly and exchange your goods with others. Take a break from work and try out something like painting or finally getting to read the book you were given for Christmas. Try and use social media less. All these little things will show you that there’s more than your daily routine. Enjoy life a little more by doing a little less.