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Where’s Andy? Vans show off new collaboration with Toy Story

Vans have teamed up with one of the most iconic movie franchises of the past decade to bring nostalgia to everyone’s feet. The Toy Story x Vans collaboration features nine unique designs across four different models, the OLD SKOOL, Authentic, Era SK8-HI and the Slip On.

This collection features prints with some of the main characters, and even some of supporting characters whom we’ve grown to love such as the aliens and some of Sid’s toys. Here we have some of the most amazing concepts imaginable with the main characters being recreated almost spot on in shoe form.

Buzz Lightyear Vans. Source.

We have SK8-HI’s that resemble Woody’s cowboy boots, and Eras that would make Buzz and Woody proud as they feature immaculate detail like: different coloured eyelets to resemble Buzz’s lights on his suit and Woody’s classic denim, checkered shirt and cowhide. Even Little Miss Bo Peep pops up with a light pink, blue and lacy iteration which will bring flocks of people to complement you.

Some of the collection. Source.

And what I believe is the best part about the collection is that the shoes actually have Andy written on the soles. The detail that is one of the most recognisable parts of the movie and what spawned young James to write James on the foot of every toy that he ever had. NOW WE CAN BE THAT TOY!

Woody Vans Authentics. Source.

Alongside the footwear there is a collection of apparel that is being released such as shirts and baseball tees, which feature some of the main characters and quotes that made the movies so iconic.

The shoes release on the 29th of November at Vans retailers worldwide and off their site.