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What does Your Choice of Drink Say About Your Personality?

There’s a myth that our drink choice reflects our personalities down to a tee. When we go out clubbing, visit a nice bar or just down a few cold ones at the local pub with a group of mates, we routinely order the usual. Maybe for you that’s a bourbon and coke, a house wine, or perhaps a pint of VB. After gathering an extensive amount of data from strong observation analysis (watching my friends get drunk) the results are out on what your signature alcoholic beverage says about you:


Firstly, if that’s a red you just ordered, go to the bathroom and check if your teeth are stained. Secondly, it’s noted that wine drinkers are there for a good time. They love a bit of gossip and are not afraid to let go of their emotions, even with their friend’s cousin they only just met. Their life story is definitely a go-to topic and they are great storytellers – people laugh and love hearing all about them. Their favourite nights drinking are usually at home with friends, rather than clubbing.

wine drink

Vodka Raspberry

They’re definitely the bubbly character in the group. People might call them immature, but really they’re just happy to party. They’re a clubber at heart and they’re keen for all the nightlife they’ll be experiencing on the contiki trip they’re planning with their BFF at the moment. They love using social media after a few vodka raspberries by putting up some very loud snap-stories (with very pink tongues) for everyone to enjoy.

Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic drinkers can handle their liquor. They’re not serious, but they’re not the life of the party either. They keep to themselves generally and have a sexy, mysterious appeal to them. They usually enjoy bar-hopping with a close group and finishing up their night somewhere they didn’t intend on. You probably say to your Gin & Tonic friend, “hey what did you get up to last night?”, and they’ll bounce around the question without actually answering it. You just never know with them.

gin drink


Three words to describe them – worldly, traveller and party animal. These types like to party, and they don’t mind doing it with people they met just five minutes ago. They dream of travelling the world, but always try to live in the moment. You always love your margarita-drinking friend – they make you feel good about yourself and get excited about life.

Bourbon & Coke

They get flirty and they get wild. Bar, pub or nightclub, they’re down to get dirty and ready to stay up all night long. If you make plans with a bourbon and coke drinker, just know that you should prepare for a big one.


Okay, so these champagne drinkers are rare finds and they have high class and spend a lot of time planning their fabulous future. Their hobbies include being invited to weddings and trying to get into fashion shows.

champagne drink


Beer drinkers are straight with you. They don’t pretend to be anything but themselves – these qualities include relaxed, chilled and friendly – like a sweet puppy dog. They will be real with you and will like to listen and get to know you. They’re quite popular and well-loved in their group of friends. However, if you’re mean, they can bite back.

Vodka Lime Soda

They’re idiots. (This is my drink, by the way).