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‘What Do You Know’ Rooster Teeth Fans?

Halo Machinima, Million Dollars But... ( a game that makes players question their morality for the chance at a million dollars) are just some of the shows that Rooster Teeth Productions have released recently. And on January 30th (January 31st for Australian based fans), their fanbase is about to be blessed once more with their newest quiz show/comedy, What Do You Know?

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While details on the show have been minimal, the show is described to be a quiz show  blending comedy, parody elements, and will revolve around “useless knowledge”, hence the quiz show parody.

Joel Heyman, a Rooster Teeth co-founder and host of the show stated in a press release that What Do You Know? will be a love letter to people:

“You know that friend in your circle that seems to have endless reams of useless knowledge stored away in their head? We’re hoping to make every viewer into a version of that guy with this new show.”

In a departure from their YouTube based video releases, What Do You Know will be released through the go90 streaming service (and their iOS/Android apps). The show will consist of 24, half-hour long episodes released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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“Thanks to go90 we’ve had a ton of support, and were able to make the kind of show that we think everyone will have a lot of fun watching,” Heyman stated.

With over 28 million followers on YouTube, with another 4 million combined website visitors and community members, the show is likely to be another success for Rooster Teeth Productions.