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We all know someone from “The Good Place”

This show is an absurd, clever and playful portrayal of the afterlife; it’s taught its beloved bingers on Netflix a lot about patience, virtue, the importance of learning, making the right choices and how to grow relationships that will last a lifetime (or even longer). With a great cast and script, the actors portray these characters as stereotypes that seem eerily familiar to some people I actually know IRL. Here are some (un)accidental comparisons of characters from The Good Place to people we may know in real life:


shocked kristen bell GIF by The Good Place

She’s rude, she’s arrogant, and she knows it. I mean, although Eleanor is a “trash bag from Arizona”, at least she says she is; and ever so gradually tries to work on it. You can find your real life Eleanor drinking at a bar alone, yelling out hideous comments to strangers like, “I get to do whatever I want, and you all just have to deal with it!” and, “I hate Spiderman movies!”. You might also see her rolling her eyes in jealousy at any beautiful creature that gets in her way.


season 3 nbc GIF by The Good Place

Indecisive, bookworm Chidi really does mean well but he unconsciously annoys the shit out of everybody around him. He’s that friend that you ask if it might rain tomorrow, and he will blabber on about Aristotle and philosophy for a lifetime. He’s also that friend who can’t pick where to eat for dinner when it’s their turn to choose. You want to hug them, but you want to strangle them at the same time. Honestly, I always found Chidi way too annoying to watch, but in the recent season he’s beginning to settle down a little.


season 1 nbc GIF by The Good Place

Tahani likes to brag – a lot – about the people she’s connected with, the ridiculous amount of wealth she possesses, as well as her superficial anthropology. You can only laugh at the absurdity of it all. Where you will find your real life Tahani? Probably graduating from any all-female private school in the North Shore of Sydney.


season 3 nbc GIF by The Good Place

He DUMB! But the thing about Jason is that he is actually so sweet, and I wish I could say innocent, but he does steal and shoplift with “Donkey Doug.” Although satirical humour is played out in The Good Place to lighten the feel, Jason’s character is actually quite a sad case. From a socio-economic perspective, Jason grew up in a world where there wasn’t education available, kleptomaniac traits were developed and he just doesn’t know any better. There are so many Jason’s out there – you probably walk past them on the street without a second thought.


season 3 michael GIF by The Good Place

The gist of Michael is that he was a demon who turned good. He realised that the better side of life is a lot more fun to play around with than the dark side. Moving from one group to another, he begins to help others for the greater good, even if it involves a little bit of cheating here and there! You will see Michael in the public figures in society who have autobiographies written about their past behaviours involving sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, but are now on a cleaner, healthier and more spiritual path. Maybe someone like Fergie.


season 2 janet GIF by The Good Place

Janet is kind, whimsical and helps everyone with anything they need and will always have their back. Even though she is programmed to be this way, I think I can speak for all Good Place viewers that she is high in votes for most lovable character. Janet is either your mum, or the mum of someone you know, without a doubt! Her kind nature and way of helping others is what makes her the perfect mother.