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Watt Box? This Box

When we were kids, toys with our fast food meals were the best thing ever, right? For some reason we all developed an obsession collecting the series of toys gifted alongside our cheeseburger and fries (seriously though …there’s a McDonalds Collectors Club!). Although we can pretty much agree the quality of toys has declined over the years, fear not, KFC have got our backs.

Well, KFC India at least. Anyone fancy a plane ride for some chicken?

Totally me having lunch after my work shift today…

What on earth am I on about you ask? Well, KFC India are gifting their happy customers with meal boxes that double as phone chargers. Because beanie babies are so 90s.

This is actually a thing! Well, if you’re lucky. While some people are snapping these up through an online contest, others are just being handed the boxes by surprise in store when they purchase a 5-in-1 meal. It sounds ridiculous until you’re sitting there, ready tuck into some Kentucky fried chicken in all its greasy goodness, and you’re goddamn phone dies unexpectedly. You know, like this hot guy texts you to ask you out but you can’t reply? How awful! I mean, that’s just one possible situation, but it’s the one they went with in their ridiculous but hilarious commercial.

USB cord included. Right next to the potato and gravy!

It’s only happening in India unfortunately, but man, I’d be up for it if they started it up out here in Aus! I mean sure, it reinforces the fact we puny humans can’t live without our smartphones for any long period of time but hey, I think it’s bloody genius.

Ok, so apparently the battery power sucks, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Honestly, what do you expect from a bucket of chicken though?