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‘Watchmen’ TV Adaption Taking Off at HBO

This has been a big year for DC Comics.

Just look at how far it has come: the Rebirth comics reboot has been gaining popularity; the Wonder Woman film was released to critical acclaim; the adaption of Justice League is less than two months away from release; and all of its CW shows have been renewed for more seasons.

And the year is only about to get better, as it was announced that a television adaption of DC Vertigo’s cult classic Watchmen is in development.

Watchmen is considered one of the greatest pieces of superhero fiction ever made. The story itself is set in alternate history where costumed vigilantes have become outlawed, just as the tensions of the Cold War reach a boiling point and old heroes start turning up dead.

The graphic novel went through numerous stages in Development Hell before it was adapted to the big screen by Zack Snyder, the engineer of the DCEU, despite fears that it was “un-filmable”.

In true Snyder fashion, the film was criticized for its jarring plot, but received praise for its gritty, dystopian themes and cinematography.

Think Superman’s over-powered? Meet Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen…

While reports on the new series have been kept under wraps, an Instagram post by the series producer, Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers) teased that the show’s development is in its early days. The post in question was an extreme close-up shot of a statuette with a plaque reading “In Gratitude”, which fans of Watchmen will recognize as a gift that one of the series’ characters, the first Nite Owl, received when he retired from vigilantism and passed his mantle to another.

The statuette had a minor appearance in 'Watchmen', but has sent fans into a frenzy
The statuette had a minor appearance in ‘Watchmen’, but has sent fans into a frenzy regardless

Will he be able to breathe new life into this beloved classic? Time will soon tell.

No date has been announced for the TV series, but the film adaption Watchmen is available on Netflix. And for all you comic book readers, the Watchmen will be returning to the hugely anticipated DC Comics Doomsday Clock comic coming out on November 21st.