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Wall built around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Donald Trump, the businessman and guy who says ‘you’re fired’ to people has been a topic of controversy ever since he announced he was running for president. Despite comments Trump has made saying that he’d have sex with his own daughter and immigrants, he’s managed to become the Republican presidential candidate.

However, it seems like street artist Plastic Jesus took his ideas and turned them into something beautiful when he built a 15cm high wall around Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star. The wall was built in retaliation to comments made by Trump that if he was elected president, he would build a ‘great, great wall’ on the US-Mexico border to stop illegal immigrants.


The concrete structure around the star features 4 American flags on each corner, barbed wire on top of the wall and signs that say ‘Keep out!’ in both English and Spanish. One person has said the wall is “the most genius vandalism of the star yet,” and another has called it the “best thing I’ve seen all day.”


When Plastic Jesus was asked by BBC why he had built the wall, he said:

“I wanted to create a piece that drew attention to Trump’s political policies. I knew this week was the republican convention and I suppose I was capitalising on the momentum of the convention.”

Many people who aren’t fans of Trump’s policies are a fan of the artwork, which racked up 18,000 likes on Instagram. And yes, he did pay for the wall himself. Mexico did not foot the bill at all, which can’t be said for Trump’s wall.