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Vote #1 For Our Queen, Lee Lin Chin

Proving to us once again that she truly is a higher being (special powers being sass and slaying), Lee Lin Chin has pointed her unusual talents towards the world of politics in an …interesting interview with opposition leader Bill Shorten.

My body is ready, Lee Lin Chin. Source

Through a bizarre interaction, dripping with flirtation, Lee Lin Chin manages to cover Labour’s policies on medicare, what the Labour party stands for, and she and Shorten also throw around some three word slogans in an epic battle of wits.

Some of the highlights from the exchange include Lee Lin Chin breaking into Shorten’s office “mission impossible style,” Shorten simplifying his entire campaign down to “Me: jobs, education, medicare. Him: banks, big companies.” And also Chin nominating herself for “Minister for Good Times.”

And the good news continues – bewitched by Lee Lin’s incredible interviewing manner, Shorten even promised that, when it’s invented, medicare will cover Chin for cryogenic freezing. Because honestly, who wants to live in a world without Lee Lin Chin? No one, that’s who!


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