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Valium recall due to tampering

There’s been a recall on Valium due to evidence of the relaxant being switched out for different drugs other than muscle relaxers in a Sydney distribution centre.

Check your pills, my pals! The batch of 50 5mg tablets have been impacted, so if you’ve gotten a batch of valium since Friday, go to your pharmacist and request a switch. You don’t know what you’ve been taking, since Roche, who are the guys who make it, have announced the breach.


The Therapeutic Goods Administration have said in a statement:

“If a patient has an affected pack, there is a risk that they will not have adequate supply of their medicine and could take the incorrect medicine, which could have serious health consequences.”

If you’re eyeing off your batch of 20 pills that are higher mg, don’t stress. Your batch is unaffected.

However, for the other 30,000 people that this impacts (and that’s a figure from the brand for every month they distribute the packs), I’m asking you to go get them replaced with a batch that won’t impact your health.

Svend Peterson, who is the Roche Products managing director has said:

“I am not sure how many patients would be affected, but it’s important that the packets are returned and that patients seek medical advice.”

Although the matter has been referred to the NSW Police station, there’s not much that they can do really. The onus is unfortunately on the people who have purchased the batch. So please, go check! Get a substitute! At least until they fix this!