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US Man Sexting As Son Dying In Hot Car

A man from Georgia, United States was sexting a teenager while his 22-month old son lay dying in the back seat of his car. The teenager in question has testified in court that while 35 year-old Justin Harris was sexting her, his son Cooper was dying in his car. Harris has testified however that he’s a ‘great father’, despite being charged with murder for his son Cooper’s death.

As well as the murder charge, Harris is also being charged with sending  text messages of a graphic and sexual nature (including images of his penis) to a 16-17 year-old girl for several months.

During the trial, several women have come forward and testified to having sexual relationships with Harris while he was married. The relationships took part both online and in-person.

Harris’ son Cooper died on June 18th 2014 according to authorities, with his death being attributed to being left in Harris’ SUV for seven hours while Harris was working. His defence team are arguing that Cooper’s death was tragic accident, and that Harris had simply forgotten to drop his son at daycare after he took him to breakfast that morning.

However, the prosecution say that Harris in fact killed his son intentionally to escape the responsibilities as a father, as well as a husband.

In video footage shown to jurors during the trial, Harris can be seen being told he’s going to be charged with child cruelty, responding,

“It was completely unintentional, I’ve no history of child abuse. I’ve no history of domestic violence and I’m a great father.”