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Twitter tests out subscription service

One of the best things about social media is how available it is. Coincidentally it’s also one of the worst things about it. Anyone can get their voice out there.

But now it seems some voices are going to be a tad louder than others.

.Twitter to test subscription service

Twitter is testing out a subscription service at  $99 a month. In return the platform will promote your tweets and account for you. It will also offer a report card so you can track your progress.

According to Mashable, a spokesperson said that the program is designed for small to medium businesses. It is also still being tested.

Matt Navara broke the news of the service on, ironically, Twitter:

With the cost of the program being so high, it’s definitely geared towards people with a marketing budget or a dream to be social media famous. Like the Twitter famous/verified users who want you to try whatever fitness tea or body trim smoothie they’re pushing this week.

Which begs the question, are social media platforms becoming elitist? Will this really help small business owners? Or the aforementioned social media celebs?

When the subscription service complete roles out, it will be interesting to see who uses it most.

Until then, keep on tweeting.