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Trump Against Humanity

As the staple of any politically incorrect party, many people would assume that there is no way that Cards Against Humanity could possibly get any worse better.

Well that is where you’re wrong!

“Trump Against Humanity: A Party Game About A Horrible Person”

Your favourite “party game for horrible people” now has a Donald Trump edition, featuring a range of the “wildly absurd, racist, and chauvinistic things Donald Trump has said” throughout his presidential campaign.

Source: Sid Lee Collective 

“Fill in the blanks of quotes like, “Make _____ great again,” with phrases like “illegal immigrants,” “moving to Canada,” and “micropenises,” for hours of offensive fun.”

Source: Giphy

If your credit card is ready and you’re searching for a “pay here” button, we’ve got some bad news. The Sid Lee Collective, the creators of game’s latest edition, haven’t released the cards in stores or online.

However, if you’re desperate they have provided a space for you to enter your e-mail on the off chance that they’ll send you one.

“You won’t find the game on store shelves, but those eager to get their hands on it can go to trumpagainsthumanity.cards to make a request.”

Happy hunting!