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Tim Minchin’s Brilliant Response to the SSM Postal Vote

Tim Minchin has had a brilliant response to the government’s recent decision to spend upwards of $120 million on a non-compulsory, non-binding postal vote on same-sex marriage.

The debate of marriage equality has been in the media for months now, with the Liberal’s motion for a plebiscite being rejected twice by the senate over the past year, and the proposal of a postal vote being on the cards in recent weeks.

Minchin’s latest work is entitled ‘I Still Call Australia Home(ophobic)’ sung to the tune of the Peter Allen classic and asks what we’re all thinking: do we really need a nation-wide vote to decide on basic human rights?

Content warning: strong language.

The video has gone viral since being posted on his Facebook page via his iPhone from his humble home in the UK, and (at time of writing) his re-working has more top search hits than the iconic QANTAS ad that used Allen’s song in the late ’90s.

The song’s lyrics depict a world view of Australians, including the line: “people love Aussies, they generally say, they think we’re fun and funny, tall, tanned and toned, and a little bit racist and a little bit home… ophobic.”

His video ends with him calling out politicians for not doing their job and making decisions for the people, saying that the passing of a basic human rights law “isn’t fucking X-Factor.”

Minchin’s post was met with a mass of positive comments, including one calling for him to run for Prime Minister, another saying “Thanks Tim… If If I can ever get married, you’ll be first on my invite list.”

Allowing same-sex couples to marry, hey? What’s next? A female Doctor Who?

PSA: you only have until the August 24 to update your electoral details for the postal vote which will be held in September – so jump on the AEC and make sure your details are up-to-date.