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These Three Items Will Complete Any Luxury Picnic Set-up

As the summer heat is drawing to a close down-under, you can feel the slight change in weather as we head into Autumn. Personally, it’s my favourite time of year, when it’s just a bit cooler and the sun is still shining down on us!


I call it perfect picnic weather when you can enjoy the sun and not have to worry about the scorching hot sun rays shining down on you. So now’s the time to grab your pals and set up the perfect picturesque picnic any Instagram influencer would envy. I’m sure you’ve all seen the luxury picnic setups up and down Pinterest and from one of the many influencers you follow, but have you ever wondered how you could achieve that look yourself? It’s all possible with a picnic table and cheese knives from Stanley Rogers and stunning glassware from Luigi Bormioli to truly elevate your picnic to look like a dream.


Wooden Serving Platters and Picnic Tables

When all of the best tables are taken at your favourite picnic spot, it pays to bring your own! Stanley Rogers has created Wooden Serving Platters and Picnic Tables that are easy to carry but will serve you in style. The Wooden Serving Platters capture the simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design along with it the modern, distinctive irregular shapes. The Picnic Tables have space for a bottle of champagne or wine and can also hold six glasses safely off the ground. It’s perfect for that idyllic intimate picnic or if you are going to an outdoor cinema in style.



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Cheese Knives and Serving Utensils

Since 1930, Stanley Rogers has mastered the art of distinct, yet practical cutlery. The weight of the cutlery, the way it gleams in the light, its durability has never been more present than with the Stanley Rogers cheese knives and serving utensils. These utensils have the effortlessly elegant look and feel you’ve come to expect from Stanley Rogers, with each piece boasting a sleek design Whatever your dining style, these utensils are just the right calibre for your table!


Luigi Bormioli Glassware

Luigi Bormioli is one of the most renowned glassware manufacturers in the world – offering the mark of Italian quality. Art, creativity, aesthetics, inventiveness, continuous innovation and quality standards are all key factors that are synonymous with Luigi Bormioli. The stunning glassware will add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any picnic set up and truly make any picnic feel luxurious. Luigi Bormioli combines traditional glassmaking craft with new-age technologies and design to create one of the best classic and contemporary ranges of glassware in the world. The combination of design, strength, and crystalline clarity will be enjoyed for years to come when you own glasseware by Luigi Bormioli.


Feature Image Source: Catherin Ellaine