The ultimate iso habit that may have caused harm to your teeth

Unfortunately, a trip to the dentist was put on hiatus during lockdown, and in that miserable period of time we most likely re-introduced old habits and gave in to indulgences that can have a negative impact on our oral health. We’re talking one too many vino’s, kombuchas, and sugar-laden snacks. Any of those ring a bell? 

On top of that, most of us would be guilty of snacking throughout the day during iso. The unfortunate thing about snacking on foods that have many hidden sugars can cause acid attacks on your tooth enamel. After a meal, the pH in the mouth drops making the mouth more acidic, but saliva is produced which neutralises the acids. If you’re snacking regularly, the saliva has less time to recover the pH meaning that the mouth remains in a more acidic state and acids aren’t fully neutralised.

We spoke with the dentists at Macquarie Street Dental in Sydney who agreed snacking is probably the biggest sin we’ve all committed during lockdown.

They said: “It’s quite simple and it’s all the normal stuff, but because people have the fridge in close proximity for all hours of the day and night, they tend to pick and snack more so the teeth never have a chance to rest. They’re always having sugars and acids put on them and that dissolves the tooth surface.”

A service offered at Macquarie Street Dental – and other dental clinics – is the AIRFLOW© Dental Spa – a teeth cleaning service akin to a spa treatment for your mouth. Think of it as exfoliation for your teeth! The new device they use cleans your teeth using only high-pressure warm water and cleansing powder. No invasive processes, no old-school scrape and clean. Patients walk away with brighter, whiter and stronger teeth after experiencing the ‘mouth spa’.

With the easing of restrictions, dental practices are now permitted to use aerosol technologies – meaning I gave the AIRFLOW a shot myself! Having the mild phobia of dentist appointments (like many of us experience), it was quickly put to rest as the dental spa treatment was actually quite calming and not at all uncomfortable! I think the fact that I could see instant results (goodbye plaque, hello ‘Family Feud’ smile) was what made me want to consider trying this method again and again.

What’s a massive bonus about the treatment besides the fact you can see instant results is the fact it feels like nothing – or even better, gentle and soothing. It can feel as if you’re at an actual day spa rather than the usual, awkward and uncomfortable experience a lot of us dread at the dentist – and even often try to avoid, which leads to more tooth problems in the future!

teeth before photo
BEFORE (with a disclosing agent that’s applied to the teeth to make dental plaque visible. It does look kind of funny, but this helps the clinician to see where to clean!)

teeth after photo

AFTER (A brighter, whiter and healthier smile!)

Click here if you’re looking to experience the AIRFLOW Dental Spa and find your closest dental practice. 

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