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The Trumpinator: Blasting Away Boredom, Political Frustration

Ever wanted to vent your frustration at the result of the U.S. election from the comfort of your home?

Luckily for you, a man named Christopher Fockler has designed a free app for exactly that purpose. It’s call The Trumpinator, an unholy mix of Super Mario Bros, Infinite Runner games and The Donald ‘Tiny Hands‘ Trump himself. All of these features come together to create a game that is surprisingly addictive.

Donald Trump
Even The Donald himself agrees. Source

What drives a man to include the future president in a game? There was only one way to find out, and I was lucky enough to speak to the man himself. It turns out Mr Fockler isn’t even a games developer by training, and had to teach himself all the skills required to throw this masterpiece together. 

“I actually studied accounting at college,” he revealed. 

“I made the jump to computer programming because Donald Trump really just made me that upset, I wanted to do something to troll him on a whole other level.”

It’s not just about trolling either. Mr Fockler also started volunteering for a charity organisation called Wolf PAC, an American based not-for-profit whose main goal is to take the money out of politics, and to create a political environment that has the people’s needs at heart.  

“I was hoping to donate some time and money to this cause [Wolf PAC], I’m hoping the game will raise money for me to do that”, he added.

The game not only stands up as a political protest, but also as solid entertainment. In the game you get to play as The Donald, running, jumping and shooting at enemies on an ever moving platform. The Donald spews out some beautiful phrases (from actual speeches) along the way to work as gentle encouragement. In saying that, be prepared to die…a lot. Chris admitted,

“The game is special because it’s hard, but it’s hard in a good way.”

The Trumpinator will rope you in because it’s no push over. The controls are easy to grasp but hard to master, which leaves you coming back time after time for more Donald packed fun.

The Trumpinator
Some the The Trumpinator shooting action. Source

There’s no plans to stop further development either. Mr Fockler revealed that there are more power-ups to boost your Donald on the way.

“I plan on improving on the game, and adding more features.”

Any way you look at it, this game is a hit. You’re helping a charity by playing, it’s hours of fun, AND you get to stick it to Trump all at the same time. Download the app now because I predict this game is going to be yuuuuuge.

I think the Donald would agree. Source