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The pros and cons of working multiple jobs in your twenties

We twenty-somethings work hard; whether that’s for travel, saving up for a particularly luxe lifestyle that we can’t keep up with, or simply working our arses off for the next move in our career. Either way, everyone’s on a different page. Some of us are working one full-time job, and others are working multiple random jobs to keep things interesting. Me? I work four jobs and I can tell you now, it’s time-consuming. Drawing from personal experience, here are the pros and cons of working a variety of casual jobs in your twenties:

Maintaining a social life

Your social life may be non-existent at times. I remember when I didn’t see another human being, or even interact via a phone call, for a solid week. It was mental. But I will always remember that week as something great. I achieved a lot and all that hard work led to a feeling of euphoria; like I won the hunger games or something. A wise forty-something year old once told me that the word ‘balancing’ is bullshit; we should think of the important things in our lives – like family, work, and social life – as hot plates, and that some will burn brighter than others at different times in our lives. It’s impossible to balance everything equally; you’ll drive yourself insane and will ultimately crash and burn. Sometimes it’s a good idea to just prioritise and do the best that you can at a steady pace.

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Broadening your experience

Working four jobs will definitely bring you vital life skills and workplace assets a lot quicker due to the variety of situations and tasks you’ll be exposed to. Let’s say you work one job in hospitality, one in retail and the other in communications; you’re actually learning more than you realise and in a very short amount of time. Even if your collection of odd jobs include ‘lame activities’ like being the coffee runner or performing admin duties that make you feel inferior AF, don’t sweat it; you’re working your way up and learning what you hate and love and in a shorter time span. Also, your resume will be sparkling too, which is a little bonus!

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Managing multiple responsibilities

It can be tough managing a whole lot of responsibilities, especially when your jobs may require you to work from home, prepare beforehand or manage multiple roles (within your multiple roles). Then again, this will force you to be organised and to learn the art of efficiency. To get through your jobs smoothly and to make everything a little easier, invest in buying a planner, a wall calendar and lots of sticky notes! I should probably start taking my own advice by using my calendar that’s buried somewhere in my bedroom.

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Loads of diversity

You won’t be bored working more than one job! With the advantage of variety, every day is different and a little bit of a surprise. For instance, I nanny children, I write, I work at a reception and I work on events. All those jobs individually are quite diverse and rewarding. I love my unique interactions with all my different (and annoying) children, the different content I’m able to write, the surprisingly fun admin tasks, and the excitement of each different event I get to work on. Not a single day is boring.

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Taxation (urgh!)

Tax is a pain in the arse. That’s all I will say. 

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Whatever path you take in your twenties when it comes to making dosh, remember that you aren’t limited to one path – but if you do end up with multiple jobs, be careful not to burn out!

How many jobs do you work? Tell us in the comments below!