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The Process of Caring Too Much

Do you know how magical it is that we are here? That by a crazy twist of fate and coincidences, a planet was created with everything necessary to not only sustain life, but to create beautiful, prosperous lives where countless species can thrive?

Our only home. There is no planet B. source

Do you know how crazy it is that we are letting this miracle of a planet disintegrate in front of our very eyes? That because of a handful of selfish people, and a huge amount of people who are too scared to think about the consequences of their actions, our only home may not be the place we know and love for much longer? In fact, it has already changed.

Coral bleaching is happening around Australia right now. source

And do you know how lonely it feels to be the only person you know who really, truly cares about the fate of the world? To feel that no matter what you post on Facebook and no matter who you vote for, the climate is going to change? To feel that your actions and hope is not enough to make a difference?

Do you know how helpless it feels to have friends living on a low-lying island nation? And to everyday hope, there has not been a storm or king tide that may damage homes and towns? And to go to bed at night crying, because you can’t imagine the world without your little island home, but that world may very soon be the reality?

Rising sea levels are a reality in Kiribati. source

But, I can tell you, when you find someone who does care, even more than you do, who does everything in their power every single day, to bring awareness to climate change, to change their lives to lessen the impact on the environment and encourage everyone around them to do so too, it is empowering.

You start to believe again in the cause you care so much about. You realise that there is a limitless amount you can do to help and no amount of disbelief or discouragement from others will deter you. Changes that once seemed difficult, are now impossible not to make. Every day you think about what you could be doing to help, and you make it happen.

But, the best feeling comes when you become the person who inspires others. Whether you speak to a single person or a room full of people and inspire them to care about the climate. When you share your story about thinking you were the only one who cared and realising that so many people feel this way. And when you see the change in people. You see that they want to care and do more and to not just be a bystander.

The only way we can do something real about this disaster that has already begun is by standing up together and creating the world we want for ourselves. It was already delivered to us perfectly once, it won’t happen again.