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The Louvre x CASETiFY are about to Release a Jaw Dropping Collection

Art and tech lovers, your dream collection is about to drop. Get ready to have the world’s masterpieces, in your hands with global tach accessory brand CASETiFY’s and Musée Du Louvre’s industry-first first tech capsule collaboration. The world-renowned Musée du Louvre in Paris houses some of the finest and most famous art pieces in the world while boasting extraordinary cultural impact and influence across the globe, the collection pays homage to some of the most celebrated art pieces in history.   


The Louvre x CASETiFY collection debuts three stylized interpretations, featuring the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Grande Odalisque, and Liberty Leading the People on the brand’s premium quality Impact Cases. The stunning and unique collection transports masterpieces exclusive from the Musée du Louvre’s collections, right into your fingertips for new generations to expirience a special collaboration debuting on February 23 with prices ranging from $30 AUD to $108 AUD.

CASETiFY CEO and Co-founder Wes Ng. said, “It’s a surreal ‘full circle’ moment to now collaborate with the most historical monument and permanent home to the greatest works of art that this world has ever seen. We hope this collaboration touches a new generation and sparks inspiration among the future creatives of the world.”


Jet setting to Paris to view the masterpieces for ourselves isn’t exactly an option for us right now. However, the many museum-goers who attend The Louvre keep their ticket stubs as souvenirs of the incredible expirience, so why not grab a ticket-like customized case for yourself? CASETiFY has created “La Collection Billet” which transforms your case to replicate a personalized ticket with your name and a date stamp of your choice, inspired by the museum tickets we could otherwise keep as souvenirs, which is a real treat for any art and tech lover. 

The new and soon to be an iconic range of memorable accessories will also debut the first collaborative water bottle, featuring the special designs on a sustainable stainless steel canvas, retailing from $67 AUD to $73 AUD.


The entire lineup from the exclusive collaboration can be purchased on ​CASETiFY’s website from February 23 with products shipping to 180 countries, and accessed in-store at the Musée du Louvre pyramid. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this delicious artistic collaboration.