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The Amazing Race EP13: Back to Townsville for Brains Vs Brawn

On last night’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia, teams tested their brains and brawn in a tough, army-themed Detour. But it was some teams’ sense of direction that really tripped them up.

Arriving back in Townsville, the teams found themselves back at Castle Hill, where someone from each team had to literally walk down the steep hill to collect their Brains or Brawn tag, they’d left behind the last time they were there.

Once she’d cascaded the cliff, Aleisha accidentally assigned her team with a Brawn card, not Brains, which they thought would play to their strong suit.

Once all teams had arrived at the local army barracks, they were choppered out to an army base, where jumping jacks forced Chris and Aleisha to change their Detour, and Cowboy Jackson found himself stopping mid-obstacle course for a bit of a vom.

Driving 100 kilometres to Ingham, Ashleigh and Amanda were in the lead with the Cowboys hot on their heels. Arriving to a 5-metre string of spaghetti, teams needed to perform a Lady And The Tramp style pasta slurp, without breaking the spaghetti.

With both teams nailing it first go, it was a footrace to find Beau at the Pit Stop. In the best finish of the season so far, Ashleigh and Amanda powered to the finish ahead of Brendan and Jackson, taking out top honours.

Meanwhile, MJ and Chelsea got lost and decided to follow Skye-Blue and Jake, completely missing a Detour. Landing on the mat in front of Beau, they were turned back around to complete the challenge. 

Despite their inadvertent U-Turn, The Footy Mates made it back to the mat before The Bodybuilders Stan and Wayne, but as it was a pre-determined non-elimination leg, all teams were left to race another day.

Tonight, teams must work together in a hectic search and rescue mission in the Glasshouse Mountains.

The Amazing Race Australia Continues Tomorrow At 7.30pm Only On 10 And WIN Network.