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Tesla Cars Will Soon Be As Cheap As Petrol Cars

Tesla Motors have been at the forefront of the electric car movement. Their mission, to accelerate the world’s transition into sustainable energy, is a much needed mantra for the environment and the Earth as a whole. Their latest announcement is set to be a game changer for the environment.

Although no official numbers have been released, there are rumours Tesla cars are set to get closer to the $USD35,000 dollar price tag. They’re aiming to do this when they release the Model 3. By making electric cars more affordable to the general public, there is little to no reason as to why they shouldn’t be a huge hit.

This could be the future. Doesn’t it remind you of that episode of Black Mirror? Source.

Henrik Fisker, legendary car designer and the F in VLF Automotive (a luxury American sports car company), had this to say about the innovation at Tesla and the reputed price of the Model 3:

“As far as the pricing, I think it represents a good achievement. The car also looks like it will get you more for your money than from any other car that’s around $35,000. The way it sits and looks – I think it’s quite a good achievement. I also think they got right not making the car look strange. It’s a look that a lot of people feel is a good, acceptable look.”

Fisker also spoke about the appeal of electric cars and the Tesla brand:

“It’s clear from (the Model 3 unveiling) that consumers, when it comes to electric cars, they’re looking at maybe newer players that have more experience in new technology and are ‘cooler’ as a brand to be associated with and aren’t from the older car world.”

You can watch the unveiling of the Model 3 here.